20 Things You Didn\'t Know About Secret Life
20 Things You Didn’t Know About Secret Life
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Secret Life of the American Teenager

20 Things You Didn’t Know About Secret Life


Have you been naughty or nice this year? Forget Santa, ‘cause we’ve got you the ultimate pressie: behind the scenes deets about Secret Life. From fun facts, to cameos, and inside jokes, this is the gift that keeps on giving — even if you’re on the naughty list!

20. Secret Life’s original title was Sex Life of The American Teenager. Try Google searching it and see if you can figure out why the producers changed their minds.

19. Freakishly flexible Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson says Secret Life is her favorite show. When the producers heard she was a fan, they offered her a guest role. Obvs, she said yes — twice!

18. In most episodes of Secret Life, the word “sex” is spoken an average of 25 times. Hardly surprising.

17. Daren Kagasoff and Greg Finley spend occasional weekends shooting hoops on set. Let’s hope they play “shirts and skins!”

16. Shailene Woodley’s known for her signature straight hair on Secret Life, but in the real world her locks are naturally wavy. It takes so long to straighten Shai’s curls, that she admits to only washing her hair every other day!

15. Does the actor who plays Bob Underwood look familiar? You might recognize Bryan Callen from 7th Heaven and Fat Actress, Brenda Hampton’s other hit shows.

14. Speaking of Underwoods, one of Secret Life’s directors is named Ron Underwood. The writers have to get inspiration somewhere!

13. Megan Park has a couch in her trailer that folds into a bed… Hmmm, wonder if it gets any behind-the-scenes action?

12. Shai, Francia and Megan love to get crafty on set — they have an entire trailer devoted to homemade projects. OMG, how do we get invited to their craft-a-thons?

11. Amy craves a Dairy Shack burger when she’s preggers in Season 1. Sound vaguely familiar? Dairy Shack is also the name of a fast food restaurant in 7th Heaven.

10. After wrapping up a day of filming, Francia, Megan and Shailene often sneak into the hair and make-up trailer and go to town. No wonder these hotties always look runway-ready — they have a team of professionals at their service!

9. Molly Ringwald sings Secret Life’s theme song “Let’s Do It (Let’s Fall In Love).” We’re not surprised, considering she released her first album at the tender age of six.

8. When George calls his co-worker in “Your Cheatin’ Heart” (Season 1, Episode 8), he only dials five numbers! When you’ve re-watched every Secret Life episode multiple times you start noticing these things…

7. The Secret Life girls spend at least two hours in hair make up every morning, but what about the dudes? Ricky’s amazing coiffed hair must take hours to sculpt!

6. Remember when Amy and Ben got fake IDs from that kid Joe Hampton? Pay attention to his last name — Secret Life’s creator is Brenda Hampton. Coincidence? We think not.

5. Shailene’s turned her trailer into a home away from home. She has photos of her cast mates up on the wall, and even has her very own entertainment center!

4. The cast of Secret Life are required to brush their teeth throughout the day. Gotta keep that breath minty fresh — especially with multiple takes of hot hook ups!

3. In one of their first meetings of the minds, the Secret Life cast gabbed about their characters’ fashion. Best business meeting ever.

2. Megan is Canadian-born, and sometimes her accent comes through when she’s saying her lines. Listen carefully and you might hear her slip in “aboot” instead of “about!” Eh?

1. Molly Ringwald’s hubbie Panio Gianopoulos had a cameo on Secret Life in “Back To School Special” (Season 1, Episode 10). Remember the guy Anne meets at the bar on her way to Chicago? That’s Molly’s man!