Grey’s Anatomy: 3 Most Dramatic Behind-the-Scenes Issues
Grey’s Anatomy: 3 Most Dramatic Behind-the-Scenes Issues
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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy: 3 Most Dramatic Behind-the-Scenes Issues


For most shows that are considered a drama, most of the emotional scenes happen on screen. But over its 11 year run, Grey’s Anatomy has definitely had its share of drama behind the scenes — not surprising, considering how big the cast is! But of all the drama the show has evoked in real life, none of it compares to the three most dramatic issues that led to a certain few major cast members exiting the show for good.

You can probably guess who we’re talking about, but in case you’re not up on all the juicy gossip, allow us to catch you up.

Isaiah Washington Many fans already know the real story behind Preston Burke leaving Cristina (Sandra Oh) at the altar, and it has everything to do with Isaiah himself. Isaiah allegedly used a homophobic slur toward T.R. Knight, which resulted in being fired from the show — and for good reason. And although there’s never a good excuse for that kind of behavior, Ellen Pompeo (Meredith Grey) has hypothesized in the past that it was because Isaiah was originally slated to play the role of Derek Shepherd, which obviously went to Patrick Dempsey instead.

T.R. Knight One of the saddest moments in Grey’s history was the day George O’Malley took his final breaths after being involved in a tragic bus accident, but it was mostly because T.R. was ready to get out of Shondaland for good. According to T.R. himself, he left the show because Shonda Rhimes refused to give him the kind of screentime he thought he deserved. Now that he has zero screentime, we’re not sure we’ve ever missed a character more!

Katherine Heigl It may have happened several years ago, but Katherine’s drama with Shonda Rhimes (who helped fuel rumors that she is difficult to work with) has recently resurfaced while she’s been promoting her new NBC drama, State of Affairs. At the same time, Katherine also wanted to make more time to pursue her movie career, and her departure seemed like the next natural step.

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