5 Ways to Save Ezria on Pretty Little Liars
5 Ways to Save Ezria on Pretty Little Liars
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Pretty Little Liars

5 Ways to Save Ezria on Pretty Little Liars


We’re trying to be optimistic, but things are not looking good for Pretty Little Liarsformer power couple, Ezria. The more we learn about Ezra (Ian Harding) and his “A” machinations, the more we worry about the future sanity of poor Aria (Lucy Hale), aka the girl who loves him. But, we’re not ready to throw the soulmate towel in just yet! Here are five ways to save Ezria.

If Ezra is trying to help Ali

It seems pretty clear now that Ezra is all-out stalking Ali, following the Liars in an attempt to find their allegedly dead BFF. Though it may be implied that Ezra intends to harm Ali when he finds her, we don’t know that for sure. For all we know, he could be trying to find Ali so that he can help her. Ali readily admits that she doesn’t know who to trust and, until recently, she was wrong about who was following her. If that’s the case, could she also be wrong about Ezra? Maybe Ezra is just as frightened for Ali’s well-being as the Liars are. After all, in more than three seasons of PLL, he exhibited only concern and empathy for the Liars. Tell us we’re right, PLL!

5 Ways to Save Ezria on Pretty Little Liars
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If Ezra isn’t “A”

Though Ezra storms into “A”’s lair at the end of the summer finale, that doesn’t mean the surveillance space belonged to him. Basically, until we see an “A” emblazoned across Ezra’s forehead, we’re not going to accept his “A” status without doubt. And, if Ezra isn’t “A,” then what is he really guilty of? Yes, following Ali, but it’s “A” who has caused so much misery for the Liars. It’s “A” who might be impossible for a Liar to love.

If Ezra has an evil twin

Token twin theory alert! Yes, this is one of the zanier of PLL theories, but we thought we’d put it on the list because, if Ezra has an evil twin, it would totally clear the way for the continuation of the epic Ezria romance. Evil Ezra twin could be responsible for all of the stalking, “A”-ness, and scowling that “Ezra” has ever exhibited. Maybe Toby has an evil twin, too...

If Ali is evil

To be honest, the idea that Alison is some kind of soulless serial killer or the like is not that hard to believe. Half of the flashbacks we’ve seen her in show her exhibiting morally dubious behavior, manipulating the very people who love her the most. We wouldn’t be totally surprised to find out that Ali is on some kind of killing spree or psychological terror campaign and, if that were the case, Ezra’s pursuit of the girl would perhaps be justified. A less black-and-white version of this “solution” would be if Ali did something terrible to Ezra and/or his family in the past. It would not clear Ezra of all sketchy behavior, but it might make him eventually redeemable if he were blinded by revenge, Emily Thorne-style!

5 Ways to Save Ezria on Pretty Little Liars
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If Aria is evil, too

Maybe we’re looking at this problem from the wrong perspective. We don’t want sweet Aria to end up with someone who doesn’t treat her well. But, perhaps, instead of discovering Ezra is secretly good and saves lost kittens from trees, we should discover Aria is an evil mastermind who puts lost kittens in trees. This would be more fun, and might clear up any reservations we have about the Ezria relationship. If Aria has been in on the “A” scheme all along, plotting the destruction of her friends with Ezra as her right-hand man, they can go out in a blaze of romantic glory together. Ezria problem solved!

Can you think of any ways to save the Ezria relationship? Share your suggestions in the comments below!

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