5-Year-Old Girl Saves Her Family After Car Drives Off of The Road
Credit: Angela Shymanski on Facebook    


5-Year-Old Girl Saves Her Family After Car Drives Off of The Road


One little girl became a hero when she saved her mom and 10-week-old baby brother after a shocking — and nearly tragic — car accident.  

Angela Shymanski reportedly nodded off while driving the family SUV, slid off of the road, fell down the 40-foot drop, and hit a tree outside of Jasper, Canada. While most adults wouldn’t know what to do in that situation, Angela’s five-year-old daughter Lexi was able to get out of her five-point harness, climb up the embankment, and flag down help from the side of the road.

Credit: Angela Shymansk on Facebook    

Lexi is such a tough little lady that, according to Angela, “The medics and the firemen needed ropes to get up and down that embankment, and she did it barefoot."

If it wasn’t for Lexi’s smarts it’s hard to know how quickly help would have gotten to the family. Angela told The Prince George Citizen (named after the city, not the royal) it took a paramedic “five tries before he could get cell service to call 911.” And the crash wasn’t even visible from the road. Thankfully, newborn Peter’s cries woke Lexi up.

Credit: Angela Shymansk on Facebook    

A family that drove by Lexi stopped, and the father went to save little Peter while the unidentified paramedic stayed with Angela until she was conscious. The anonymous do-gooder also eventually called the victim's husband, Travis. 

After the family was eventually air-lifted to Alberta Hospital, it was discovered the baby had bleeding in his brain, along with swelling, and had to have emergency surgery. Doctors happily say the now four-month-old is doing well, but recommend his parents monitor his development.

Angela suffered the brunt of the physical trauma. The mom-of-two, who was resuscitated twice between the crash and her Alberta hospital arrival, had multiple fractures and broken ribs along with internal bleeding. Now she’s using a wheelchair to get around and is dealing with nerve damage in her leg.


Lexi received a small chin scratch and a soft tissue injury on her neck. The little hero does have nightmares now, but her mom said, “I'm hoping when things settle down those will disappear."


We do as well! And we send our thoughts and well wishes to the entire Shymanski family.