A Guidette You Can Count On: JWOWW\'s Best Moments as Friend
A Guidette You Can Count On: JWOWW’s Best Moments as Friend
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Jersey Shore

A Guidette You Can Count On: JWOWW’s Best Moments as Friend


Whatever her flaws, one thing that you can never say about JWOWW is she isn't a loyal friend. Jersey Shore's sexiest guidette once famously compared herself to a praying mantis who bites men's heads off, but we prefer to think of her as a (very hot) pitbull — loyal as heck, and ready to do anything to defend the people she loves.

In honor of her particularly noteworthy work during Jersey Shore Season 4, we've collected our five favorite examples of JWOWW being a rocking friend from over the seasons:

5. The Letter: Remember when Ronnie cheated on Sammi in Miami? Remember when Sam ran through the house, begging someone, anyone to tell her whether or not her man had wronged her? Remember when JWOWW actually manned up and broke the bad news? Yeah. Okay, sure, an anonymous letter was probably not the best way to go about conveying the message, but at least JWOWW (and Snooki, as her accomplice) was willing to tell the poor girl the truth she needed to hear.

4. Hazmat Smush Room Detox: Sometimes it's the little things. In Season 2, Episode 7, JWOWW suited up in a plastic bag and attacked the impossibly gross smush room with bleach, all so Snooki could get it on with Dennis (remember him? No, neither do we). Only a true BFF would be willing to clean that room for someone else's benefit.

3. JWOWW, Defender of Ron: This isn't really a moment as much as a series of moments, endlessly repeated on an infinite loop, just like everything else about the Sam/Ron relationship. Yes, JWOWW and Ronnie's friendship once got Ronnie punched in the face by crazy Sam, but we like that JWOWW is always there, ready to jump in and be the voice of reason for Ron. If only he'd listen to her.

2. JWOWW Buys Deena a Pregnancy Test: JWOWW demonstrated why she's one of the sanest of the bunch when Deena dropped the "I think I'm pregnant" bomb (in the middle of a club, no less) in Season 4, Episode 9. JWOWW, realizing that Deena was driving herself crazy, dragged her gal pal away from the club, bought a pregnancy test for her when she was too chicken to do it her self, and than stood by, walking Deena through the oh so complicated process of peeing on a stick and waiting to see how many lines popped up. She sacrificed a night of fun for this, remember. That's a good friend.

1. The Great Search for Jionni: JWOWW has done countless good deeds for her BFF, Snooki, but none tops wandering through Italy in the middle of the night, barefoot, desperately trying to find Jionni before Snooki cried herself into a coma during Season 4, Episode 8. What's really impressive about this moment is JWOWW did it after Snooki shouted at her, calling her a bitch, and saying she hated her.

What's your favorite JWOWW friendship moment? Sound off in the comments!

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