Abby Lee Miller Gets Into a Fight in Prison! — Report
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Abby Lee Miller

Abby Lee Miller Gets Into a Fight in Prison! — Report


Abby Lee Miller is bring serious drama to prison, but we can’t say we’re surprised!

The Dance Moms star is currently serving her one year and one day sentence for fraud at the Federal Corrections Institute in Victorville, California and things are reportedly not going so well.

In fact, sources claim the 50-year-old has already gotten into a fight with some of the inmates, and she’s only been behind bars for less than a month!

“Abby Lee was involved in a shouting match with another inmate on Saturday morning,” a source told Radar Online.

“The woman shouted at her that ‘She ain’t s—t!”

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Needless to say, the former Lifetime star has not been handling life in the slammer very well.

“The woman Abby got into the argument with was just tired of seeing and hearing her cry in the multi-room,” the source continued.

“Although neither one of them got an infraction, it did cause a stir and counselors came into the room to intervene. But by then the tiff was already over.”

The ALDC instructor has been spending her time inside her bunk and supposedly hasn’t interacted much with the other women.

“All she really does is sit in her bunk, read trashy romance novels that she got from the library and sob!”

Meanwhile, in an interview with The View’s Jedediah Bila airing tonight, July 25, Abby gets honest about her prison fears.

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“I’m doing the time. I am taking the blame,” she says in a clip. “I probably won’t survive.”

But fear not, the reality star villain already has plans in place for when she is released.

“I hope to come out and have a new TV show, a scripted show that I’ve created,” she told Us Weekly before she turned herself in.

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“And it’s kind of, you know, a teenage show where Dance Moms leaves off, what should happen next because I know what should happen next.”

She’s also working on a book and turning Dance Moms into a full-on Broadway production!

“I’m working on a new book right now. We’re working on a Broadway show, Dance Moms: The Musical.”

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