5 Reasons Alek Skarlatos Could Win \'Dancing With the Stars\' Season 21
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Dancing With The Stars

5 Reasons Alek Skarlatos Could Win ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Season 21


The Dancing With the Stars Season 21 finale is next week, and right now, it's still anybody's game. In fact, we think the loveable Alek Skarlatos could be a sleeper for presumed frontrunner Bindi Irwin.

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True, Alek isn't the strongest dancer left — something even partner Lindsay Arnold readily admits — but taking home the Mirror Ball isn't always about having the best technique. Here are five reasons Alek's in a great position to win it all.

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He's an American hero. Let's start with the obvious: Alek is a straight up American hero. Not only is he a vet, but he and his friends wowed the world by stopping a gunman on a Paris-bound train this summer. Voters love a hero.

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He's got everyman appeal. Despite being a hero, Alek is also the closest thing this show has ever seen to a bonafide everyman contestant. He was thrust into the national spotlight just weeks before agreeing to do the show. He didn't just have zero dance experience, he had zero experience with the media, period. That makes him relatable in a way no other celeb has ever been.

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He's the underdog. Sure, Alek has been on the bottom of the leaderboard a lot recently, but is that a bad thing on this show? He's not a terrible dancer by any means — just not as good as the other three finalists — and people love to root for the underdog

He's still growing. Plus, one of the upsides of not being the best dancer is there's still room for noticeable growth, even this late in the competition. Fans love to reward stars who went from meh to wow, and Alek might be hitting his peak at just the right time.

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His partnership with Lindsay. Fans love a good pro-celeb partnership, and Lindsay and Alek's sweet, sibling-like relationship fits the bill. It helps that they really do look like they could be related!

We'll find out if this is enough to take Alek all the way next week.

Catch the Dancing With the Stars Season 21 finale on Monday, November 23 at at 8 p.m. ET and Tuesday, November 24 at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.

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