Don\'t Let Ali Fedotowsky\'s Bod Fool You — She\'s 8 Months Pregnant! (PHOTOS)
Ali Fedotowsky baby bump
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Ali Fedotowsky

Don’t Let Ali Fedotowsky’s Bod Fool You — She’s 8 Months Pregnant! (PHOTOS)


At eight months pregnant, Ali Fedotowsky is just weeks away from meeting her first child — not that you’d know it from recent pics!

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The Bachelorette Season 6 star and fiancé Kevin Manno are expecting a baby girl in July, and though she’s in her third trimester, fans have been noticing how barely-there her baby bump is in pictures.

Most recently, the 31-year-old got a lot of followers talking after she shared a pic of herself at a birthday party, looking amazing in a fitted, red halter dress.

The comments noted how Ali seemed to be rocking what looked like nothing more than a food baby, which, as much of a compliment as this is meant to be, does come off a little questioning.

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To that end, the former E! News correspondent took to the social media site to respond to the speculation, showing two different angles of herself in a black jumpsuit and joking, “Now you see my bump - now you don’t.”

She adds, “Some of you thought I didn't look pregnant in a recent pic I posted. Certain angles can play tricks on your eyes!”

See? While pregnancy is certainly treating her body well, the mama-to-be is mostly just a pro at posing for photos after sharing style snaps and tips on the site for years.

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Further proving that point is another recent pic in which Ali is wearing a fitted blue dress and her belly is on clear display.

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You look great, girl. Can’t wait to meet your mini-me come summer!