Ali Fedotowsky Gives Josh and Amanda Advice, Talks Pal Nick Viall — Exclusive
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Ali Fedotowsky

Ali Fedotowsky Gives Josh and Amanda Advice, Talks Pal Nick Viall — Exclusive


A lot of people have plenty to say about Nick Viall — but few are qualified to do so.

One of those few is Ali Fedotowsky, who can call the Bachelor 2017 star a friend. And because of that, she has a very different take on his relationship with Vanessa Grimaldi.

“I think Nick wants this relationship to work out more than probably any past Bachelor or Bachelorette ever,” the Bachelorette alum tells Wetpaint.

Nick Viall and Ali Fedotowsky
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She adds, “I think they all want it to work out, but I think Nick has the added pressure because he’s been on the show so many times.”

That being said, it sounds like Ali thinks the Dancing With the Stars contestant and his new fiancée are actually in love — despite all of those headlines about them postponing a wedding.

“People think they are unhappy, but they’re not unhappy, they’re just being real!” she says.

In fact, the newlywed admires the Season 21 pair for “not sugarcoating their relationship.”

She gushes, “I just think that’s so refreshing and awesome. I think that makes them more likely to work out than anybody, to be honest.”

Wait, how so?

Well, as someone who has been in their shoes, the Season 6 star can attest that most couples go on After the Final Rose and “feed everybody a lot of BS” — including herself!


“You want to believe your relationship is perfect and you want people to get behind your relationship,” she states.

The new mom continues, “Let me tell you, nothing's that easy after the show ends, not for any couple that’s been on the show — even the ones that are married with kids to this day.”

Ali Fedotowsky and Roberto Martinez
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One of the hardest things, she explains, is having to watch your future spouse with other women (or men) on the show. Even if you don’t watch, there’s also the media coverage of it all.

“People say they want The Bachelor to be more real, well there you go, they’re being real!” she points out.

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Speaking of real, things are getting that way between Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton these days.

The Bachelor in Paradise Season 3 couple’s split has played out publicly in social media and in the press of late. As someone who has been there, as well, Ali could help shed some light on the situation.

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She recalls, “When my relationship from the show ended, people asked me about it. People are going to ask you about it and you don’t want to be rude and say, ‘I’m not talking about that.’”

That being said, she does have some advice for the two moving forward.

Amanda Stanton and Josh Murray
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“I think the way to handle is, you can talk about it and be honest, but you can’t trash talk each other,” she urges.

The 32-year-old also reasons, “Maybe they’re not good together, but they’d be great for somebody else. That’s my advice for them… just because you’re not with that person, doesn’t mean that person is a bad person, they’re just a bad person with you.”

amanda stanton josh murray
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Well said!

To find out more of Ali’s takes on Bachelor stars, as well as her lifestyle tips for things like Easter Egg decorating, head over to her blog AliLuvs.

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