Ali Fedotowsky Gets Sweet Note From Fiancé at Nearly 9 Months Pregnant
Ali Fedotowsky and Kevin Manno
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Ali Fedotowsky

Ali Fedotowsky Gets Sweet Note From Fiancé at Nearly 9 Months Pregnant


Ali Fedotowsky is one lucky lady!

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The pregnant Bachelorette alum is just five weeks away from meeting her little girl, and though she may have been suffering with some pregnancy complications of late — she’s on bed rest! — at least she’s got the best fiancé ever.

As the 31-year-old revealed on Instagram, her baby daddy, Kevin Manno, has been leaving her notes every week before leaving for work in the morning, and this week he really upped the ante, including a gift of two onesies emblazoned with “Mommy’s alarm clock” and “I love mommy.”

“I always give him a hard time that our baby girl has tons of ‘Daddy's girl’ clothes and no mommy clothes,” she writes in the caption. “So Kevin made sure she has some mommy onesies too! So sweet of him.”

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Seriously! And if that weren’t enough already, a closer look at his note to the mommy-to-be may have you in (happy) tears.

He writes, “35 weeks! The countdown is officially on! 5 weeks left, safe to say that we should be ready at any time. That’s pretty damn exciting! I’m really sorry that you’ve been feeling so rough lately. Hopefully she takes it easy on you from here on out. I got a couple onesies for her (and you) because she should definitely have more “mom” clothes! She’s gonna love you so much!! She needs to show it! I (also) love you babe! Thanks for doing what you do!”

Anyone have a tissue?

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Kevin’s really been on his A-game of late when it comes to his lady. Just last month on Mother’s Day, he posted a tribute to both his baby mama and his own mother, gushing about how he’s “lucky to have them in my life.”

We have to second Ali’s sentiments from the earlier caption, when she wrote, “I truly feel so incredibly lucky to experience this journey of parenthood with him. Our little girl is so lucky to have such a wonderful daddy!”