Newlywed Ali Fedotowsky Already Planning For Baby Number Two — Exclusive
Credit: Ali Fedotowsky and Ashley Burns Photography    

Ali Fedotowsky

Newlywed Ali Fedotowsky Already Planning For Baby Number Two — Exclusive


There’s no arguing Ali Fedotowsky has packed a lot of life milestones into one year!

The Bachelorette Season 6 star gave birth to daughter Molly in July 2016, and soon after, started planning her March 3 wedding to Kevin Manno.

So you’d think she and her new hubby would have some rest time scheduled in for the next few months — but you’d be mistaken.

Credit: Ali Fedotowsky and Ashley Burns Photography    

The two are wrapped up in their 8-month-old little girl, planning for their first Easter together — and for another child soon!

“I would love to say we’re going to take it so easy and let Molly grow up so it hopefully gets a little easier,” Ali tells Wetpaint this week. “But we want to have another baby!”

Credit: Ali Fedotowsky and Ashley Burns Photography    

She adds, “We want Molly to have a sibling that’s close in age to her.”

Still, coming to terms with that reality hasn’t been easy for the 32-year-old.

“As much as it pains me to even think about getting pregnant again, nevermind actually getting pregnant again — I seriously cry thinking about it — we want it for her,” she continues.

She concludes, “So that will be in the cards soon — sooner than I’d like to even admit.”

But how soon really?

The SoCal-based gal says a two-year difference between kids “would be pretty great,” though she realizes she’d have to get pregnant very soon.

“We’ll see,” she muses. “We always said we’d start trying again after the wedding, and then the wedding came and I was like, ‘No thank you, I’m not ready yet.’”

Hey, she did just get into killer post-baby shape for her wedding! Who wouldn’t be afraid of giving that up so quickly?

Then again, it probably helps that she is an overall healthy eater.

The blonde beauty cops to a little chocolate and wine at night and pasta in the morning (yes, really!), but that’s about it when it comes to vices.

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“I’m not eating fried mozzarella sticks, I’m not eating burgers everyday,” she details. “Honestly, I just don’t love fried food, it makes me feel sick.”

Instead, she sticks to whole foods like avocado, and focuses on not depriving herself.

Credit: Ali Fedotowsky and Ashley Burns Photography    

Especially not from eggs, which she says are a “main part of her diet.”

Actually, the new mom just teamed up with the American Egg Board to share her fun tips for decorating eggs — a Fedotowsky family tradition she’s planning to carry on with her own children.


To check out her designs (and some yummy egg recipes!) head over to her blog AliLuvs. Then, share some of your own designs on Instagram using #EggArt and #Sweepstakes for a chance to win an Easter prize pack!

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