Ali Fedotowsky Shows Off Post-Baby Body After 50-Pound Weight Loss! (PHOTO)
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Ali Fedotowsky

Ali Fedotowsky Shows Off Post-Baby Body After 50-Pound Weight Loss! (PHOTO)


Next time you’re struggling to get your butt to the gym, just remember: Ali Fedotowsky had only eight months to get her post-baby body wedding-ready and she nailed it!

The Bachelorette Season 6 star gave birth to daughter Molly in July 2016, and soon after, started planning her late-winter wedding to fiancé Kevin Manno.

Of course, this left her little time to shed her 50 pounds of pregnancy weight, but the new mom looked at the challenge as a way to make healthy, lasting changes to her lifestyle.

“Giving birth made me realize how incredible a woman's body is, so I want to treat mine better,” the 32-year-old tells Us Weekly.

So how did she do it?

The key to shedding the pounds for Ali was to “multitask” her mommy duties with exercise when possible.

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She counts her steps — 10,000 daily! — and finds a way to make family outings active, such as with hikes. She also tosses around her 7-month old, which tones her arms, and does plenty of squats while dancing.

And the results really show...

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Now a size 6, the 5-foot-7 gal says she’s actually three pounds lighter than she was pre-baby at 135 pounds.

“My body is better than before I had Molly!” she gushes.

However, she admits there are some changes that weren’t for the best.

“There are so many things I want to change about my body,” she explains.

She adds, “I have a pudge on my stomach which is healthy and normal, but I also have little weird dimples that I didn't have before pregnancy.”

That’s not going to stop her from indulging in her favorite food: pasta!

“I could never give up pasta!” the blogger insists, adding that she has a 6 a.m. bowl of angel hair every morning — topped with vegan butter and Parmesan cheese, of course.

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“I can burn it off all day!” she reasons, though the rest of her diet is a lot more of what you’d expect.

The former reality star limits her meals to veggies, fish, and other “fresh, whole ingredients.”

She also cooks with her future husband Kevin nightly, calling their healthy entrees like salmon and roasted butternut squash “super-romantic.”

And don’t forget a nightly glass of wine!

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You deserve it, girl.

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