Amanda Stanton Writing Tell-All After Robby Hayes & Josh Murray Splits
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Amanda Stanton

Amanda Stanton Writing Tell-All After Robby Hayes & Josh Murray Splits


Amanda Stanton’s taking her relationship drama from the small screen (and Twitter) and putting it on paper!

In recent weeks, we’ve watched as the Bachelor in Paradise fan favorite went through her second messy franchise breakup — this time with Robby Hayes.

But even before the couple started dating on and off the show, the single mom reveals she had a memoir in the works.

Bachelor Nation has seen Amanda stick up for herself a lot more lately, first speaking with the press about how Robby never treated her like a girlfriend after the show.

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Then, during the September 11 reunion special, both she and the Ferguson twins called out those rumors that Robby cheated on her at a concert in Colorado in August.

The hunk tried to deny it, taking their disagreement to social media, but she blew up his spot by sharing photos of the alleged infidelity.

With all of this, two things are clear: First, there’s no longer any love lost between these two, and second, the 26-year-old gal isn’t afraid to speak her mind anymore.

So it makes a lot of sense that she would be coming out with a tell-all in the near future, which she says will include at least “a little bit” of her relationships with Robby and, before that, Josh Murray.

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“It's not completely about [my relationships],” she tells “But there's going to be a little bit in there.”

This might sound like Andi Dorfman’s 2016 book, It’s Not Okay, which went into detail about her franchise relationships — including that with their shared ex Josh.

Andi Dorfman It’s Not Okay

However, Kinsley and Charlie’s mom wants to emphasize that this will be more “positive” than her predecessor’s.

The lifestyle blogger explains, “I've been writing it for a little over a year now, and it's just been therapeutic... it's been my therapy, in a way.

“I still am a very positive person and whatever relationship drama I’m going through, I always do try to be positive. At the end of the day, my book is going to be more positive than some tell-all trashing people.”

Still, that doesn’t mean she’s going to glaze over anything that needs calling out.

“It feels good sometimes to stick up for yourself, so I'm learning how to do it, even though it's hard for me," she states.


“I think I've just avoided conflict, and it's something that I still hate.”

With her book and a kids clothing line in the works, the Cali native is officially moving beyond her reality TV career — at least, on a Bachelor Nation show.

Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton
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“[I wouldn't do Paradise, Winter Games or The Bachelorette] after seeing all these guys. It scares me,” she admits.

She concludes, “Right now, I'm so done dating in Bachelor Nation. I really want to date a normal guy.

“I want a normal life. I want to get married, I want to have more kids, and I just don't know if I would find that within the franchise.”

For relationship inspiration, the Bachelor alum is looking to bestie Lauren Bushnell, who is dating real estate developer Devin Antin after splitting from Ben Higgins in the spring.

She gushes, “I love him. I totally approve. He's a normal guy. He's not part of the franchise, which I think is kind of refreshing sometimes, when you come out of such a public relationship, to date someone who's not in the spotlight. She's really happy, so I'm happy for her."

Meanwhile, as things continue to get worse between Amanda and Robby, his other reality ex, Are You the One alum Kathryn Palmer, is defending him in the media.

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"Robby is a really good person. He went into Bachelor in Paradise with good intentions. I don't think he meant to hurt anybody," she tells E! News.

She reasons, “I feel so bad for him. That's not who he is. I don't think he should be portrayed like that."

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“I do feel it could have been handled a lot better. I don't think that attacking him on Twitter with the picture she posted, I don't think that is the mature way to handle the situation.”

Amanda doesn’t seem affected by all of that, though. After a fan made her aware of Kathryn’s statements, she had a perfect response.

“Aww bless that girl's heart,” she comments.