Amber Portwood\'s Boyfriend Was Once Arrested For Possession of Heroin
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Amber Portwood

Amber Portwood’s Boyfriend Was Once Arrested For Possession of Heroin


UPDATE (12/21/17 at 11:09 a.m. ET): 

We known Amber Portwood’s man has a rap sheet, but this thing is endless!

According to Radar Online, Andrew Glennon was once arrested for possession of heroin!

“[Glennon] did unlawfully possess a controlled substance, to wit, heroin,” the court papers revealed.

“[Glennon] did unlawfully possess a controlled substance, to wit, MDMA (Ecstasy).”

He was arrested back in 2009 and was held on a $10K bail.

He accepted a plea deal, which ordered him to attend counseling, drug and alcohol treatment, narcotic replacement therapy, and register as a convicted narcotics offender.

The reality star’s boyfriend also could not possess any drugs or alcoholic beverages.

He was then put on probation, but he eventually broke it a year later. Click on to get more details about his arrest history.

Original story (10/19/17 at 11:34 a.m. ET): 

Ever since Amber Portwood split from Matt Baier this summer, the drama surrounding her has been seriously lacking. What a bummer.

But some new relevations about the Teen Mom OG star's new boyfriend, Andrew Glennon, are surfacing, proving he may be a bit sketchier than we thought.

Amber has been seeing Andrew for a few months now. She met the Los Angeles-based TV producer while filming Marriage Boot Camp (with Matt!), and things have moved pretty quickly.



He's met her daughter, Leah, stayed with her at her home in Indiana, and they even made their offiical debut on the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards red carpet in August!

And now some more sketchy deets about the 33-year-old's past are surfacing — but don't worry, they're nowhere near as bad as Matt Baier's.

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Court documents prove Andrew got pulled over and charged with a DUI in March of 2014 when he was busted "willfully" driving after consuming alcohol, Radar Online reports.

He also got charged for “driving a vehicle with 0.08 percent or more, by weight, of alcohol in his or her blood."

As a result, the site claims, he had to attend 20 AA meetings, pay a fine, and spend 96 days in prison.


Amber's beau was also charged in 2010 with “unlawfully owning, possessing, purchasing, receiving and having custody and control of a firearm," as well as a rifle.

Then, of course, there was the big bombshell that the reality TV producer has not one but two restraining orders against him, one of which was from an ex who claimed he "stalked and harrassed" her.


Andrew has copped up to such allegations, admitting at the time, "I have three sisters and would never consider stalking nor harassing any women. In hindsight, I should have contested the first [restraining order filed against me].”

Still, the Forever Haute founder and her beau seem to be loving each other's company. Though they rarely if ever posts pics together, it's clear he's become a big part of her life.

And we're thrilled she's found someone who makes her so happy, especially after three years of drama with Matt!

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We'll see Andrew and Amber's relationship in action on the upcoming (yet still unannounced) season of Teen Mom OG.