Analeigh Tipton Reveals Her Beauty Secrets!
Analeigh Tipton Reveals Her Beauty Secrets!
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America's Next Top Model

Analeigh Tipton Reveals Her Beauty Secrets!


Former America’s Next Top Model Cycle 11 contestant Analeigh Tipton is making quite a splash with a role in the highly anticipated Crazy, Stupid, Love among some A-list comedic costars. She definitely broke the ANTM mold, somehow managing to get taken seriously as an actress. So what's Analeigh doing with all her new found attention? Sharing her beauty tips! We've got the scoop on the up-and-comer's diet, exercise, and makeup routine.

So, what impossible work-out routines does Analeigh put herself through to stay trim? Besides power-lifting and kick-boxing (nothing terribly out of the ordinary), she admits to running eight or nine miles a day! No big deal or anything.

A gluten allergy prevents Analeigh from committing the model sin of carbicide (lucky her), so she sticks to fruits, veggies, chicken, and turkey for a healthy diet. She tells New York Magazine, "Breakfast is usually yogurt and fruit. I also love salads. I make a mean cucumber juice from scratch. I like the buttery flavor. Sometimes I add a bit of orange or mint — it’s very refreshing!"

As for her cosmetics picks? Um, we're pretty sure the contents of Analeigh's make-up bag cost the equivalent of what one woman might shell out for an actual face lift, but if you're prepared to splurge an entire paycheck to have model-worthy skin, here are her must-haves:

Hey, no one said it was cheap or easy being pretty.

Source: New York Magazine