Andi Dorfman on Reactions to Her Tell-All, Plans For Second Book (VIDEO)

Andi Dorfman

Andi Dorfman on Reactions to Her Tell-All, Plans For Second Book (VIDEO)


There’s a reason Andi Dorfman’s tell-all It’s Not Okay has been such a hit with Bachelor Nation-ers — it really does tell all.

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The former Bachelorette 2014 star was completely honest about her experience before, during, and after the show, which makes for great reading. But it also may or may not have upset some of the subjects of her book (namely Josh Murray, Juan Pablo Galavis, and Nick Viall).

So when Wetpaint had Andi in our offices, we were curious to know whether she had any reservations going into the book, as well as if she’s heard from any of the above mentioned guys since its release.

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“Everybody knows who 25, 26, and 1 are,” the 29-year-old reasons, referring to her codenames for Nick, Josh, and Juan Pablo, respectively. “We all gave up our privacy the second we went on TV and everybody’s extended that privacy into the public light by doing things after.”

But she’s quick to reinforce how there’s plenty of positive in the memoir, as well. After all, it is, at it’s core, a “love story.”

That being said, has the author heard from any of her exes since the book’s release? And does she expect to be brought up by Josh in his upcoming E! reality show, Famously Single?

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Answers to that in the video above. Plus, we get the former assistant district attorney to give us a preview of her plans for the future — and let’s just say this gal might not be done writing yet!

It’s Not Okay is available in bookstores everywhere now.