I Watched ‘Animaniacs’ on Netflix and Realized It’s Not a Kids’ Show (PHOTOS)
Yakko, Wakko, and Dot Warner
Credit: WB/ Warner Bros.    

TV Nostalgia

I Watched ‘Animaniacs’ on Netflix and Realized It’s Not a Kids’ Show (PHOTOS)


Growing up in the ‘90s meant I literally got the best TV-watching experience. I’m sorry guys, but it’s true.

As a kid, television was my oyster with cartoons like Darkwing Duck, Talespin, Chip n’ Dale Rescue Rangers, Batman: The Animated Series and, (my personal fave) Gargoyles.

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I also absolutely adored Animaniacs, so when it finally made its way over to Netflix this month, you can imagine my excitement to not only revisit my childhood, but introduce Yakko, Wakko, and Dot Warner to my sister’s kids (since cartoons these days are nowhere near as fun).

However, while watching the first episode, I realized the show was strategically littered with sexual innuendos, dirty humor, and satire that I just didn’t have a clue about.

So, after watching the first 11 episodes of Animaniacs Volume 1, here are some of my discoveries:

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Yakko and Wakko were really horny… all the time.

Their incessant sexual harassment of anything female that wasn’t their sister, was just ridiculous.

Yakko Horny Joke on Animaniacs 1
Credit: WB/Warner Bros.    

A joke about Bea Arthur that totally escaped me since I wasn’t old enough to appreciate Golden Girls or know who she was for that matter.

Bea Arthur Gag Joke on Animaniacs
Credit: WB/ Warner Bros.    

There were a few cross-dressing characters, including this architect in a commercial that Slappy the Squirrel filmed in her career.

Crossing-Dressing Construction Worker on Animaniacs
Credit: WB/ Warner Bros.    

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More sexual innuendos.

Narrator: “Squirrel likes to hide his nuts in many odd places where the sun doesn’t shine.”

Squirrel Hiding His Nuts
Credit: WB/ Warner Bros.    

I mean, look at that dog’s face.

Naughty jokes

Michelangelo: “It’s supposed to look like this.” Michelangelo shows them the following sketch:

Sistine Chapel on Animaniacs
Credit: WB/ Warner Bros.    

Dot: “Oh, more naked people.”

Yakko: “I wouldn’t go flashing that around if I were you Mike, this is a church.” 

And more proof these kids were little horn dogs… 

Michelangelo Begs For Kids to Work on Animaniacs
Credit: WB/ Warner Bros.    

Yakko: “Wait a minute, you expect us poor innocent children to climb up dangerous scaffolding and paint naked people all over a church? We’ll do it!”

Yakko’s not doing it for the sake of art or money, but “cause we like painting naked people.”

They sexually harassed the poor nurse.


Yakko Horny Gag
Credit: WB/Warner Bros.    

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Gross-out humor.

Wakko swallows a paperweight and this is the following exchange:

Paperweight Gag
Credit: WB/Warner Bros.    

After this joke, Yakko blows a kiss to the audience and says, “Goodnight, everybody,” which apparently was a cue for the trio saying something inappropriate.

Yakko’s Goodnight Everybody Tagline
Credit: WB/ Warner Bros.    

More sexual innuendos.

After covering a candy shop owner in chocolate, the trio present him to a group of orphan children.

Creamy Middle Gag on Animaniacs
Credit: WB/ Warner Bros.    

How did they get away with this stuff!?

Foot fetish?

This cute little kid breaks down a story about his friend’s aunt getting her foot licked by a random stranger who “liked” doing it. I mean, really…


Randy Beeman Story 1
Credit: WB/ Warner Bros.    
Randy Beeman Story 2
Credit: WB/ Warner Bros.    

Another horny Yakko joke.

He definitely joked about making a baby with the prime minister — and I totally missed it.

Yakko’s Sire Joke on Animaniacs
Credit: WB/ Warner Bros.    

Dot also reminded the audience her brothers had absolutely no clue about women despite their raging hormones.

Dot’s Joke About Yakko’s Horny Behavior
Credit: WB/ Warner Bros.    

And she also pokes fun at Madonna.

Dot’s Madonna Joke 1
Credit: WB/ Warner Bros.    
Dot’s Madonna Joke Part 2
Credit: WB/ Warner Bros.    

Oh, and the show seemed to enjoy making jokes about Madonna, as evident by the fact they played sexy music during this scene where she talks to two Japanese investors: 

Madonna Truth or Dare Joke on Animaniacs
Credit: WB/ Warner Bros.    

Another round of gross out humor… and a mooning.

There’s a pretty funny potty joke in this episode with Pablo Picasso…

Pablo Picasso Gag on Animaniacs
Credit: WB/ Warner Bros.    

And then a penis joke... 

Oui Oui Gag on Animaniacs
Credit: WB/ Warner Bros.    

… as well as Dot mooning the audience.

I Got the Buns Joke on Animaniacs
Credit: WB/ Warner Bros.    

Remember, this is only 11 episodes into a series that had 99 episodes in its entire run.

So, would I keep my nieces and nephews from watching this show? Not at all!

It’s still funny regardless of the risque quips and, after seeing all of this with my much older eyes, I’m even more inclined to rewatch the entire series to laugh twice as hard at both the kid and adult jokes.

If you don’t have the time to re-watch Animaniacs while it’s on Netflix, I suggest you check out these YouTube compilations featuring some of the show’s funniest adult gags.  

Until then, I’ll leave you with this last inappropriate joke in honor of legendary musician, Prince.