NFL Star Antonio Cromartie Welcomes 14th Child Despite Vasectomy
Antonio Cromartie
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NFL Star Antonio Cromartie Welcomes 14th Child Despite Vasectomy


NFL pro Antonio Cromartie is the modern day Father Abraham.

Aside from his athletic credentials, the cornerback is known for his body-defying science. So much so that he's become the laughing stock on Twitter.

After announcing he and his wife have welcomed a new baby, the 33-year-old’s fans want to know how is he still able to have children after having had a vasectomy.


Terricka Cromartie, Antonio's wife, gave birth to his fourteenth child, a girl, on August 30.

According to The Daily Mail, this is Antonio's third child after having a vasectomy.


Terrika told US Weekly this was the best of her five pregnancies.


"This was one of the best pregnancies I've had out of all five I've had. Half the time I didn't even feel that I was pregnant. I had the most amazing delivery. I felt amazing having my sixth child," she exclaimed.  

When asked if the couple was done having children, Terricka said, "absolutely!"


"We are 100 percent done! Absolutely, positively done with having kids. We've been blessed with these guys, but adding to it, I think, would kill us both!'"


Prior to entering a relationship with Terricka, Antonio fathered 8 children.


The athlete's wife says all of their kids help take care of one another and are excited about their new baby sister.

"They are all loving it. All the kids are helping, even our 16-month-old twins [J'Adore and Jynx].'"


Although this is a joyous family moment, Twitter users have much to say about the growing family.


World of Issac user noted, "Antonio Cromartie has a magic penis. Popping out a [sic] 14th kid after vasectomy. He could legitimately populate an entire planet."


Others jokingly said Malachi Love-Robinson (pictured below), who posed as a practicing doctor, must have performed the father of fourteen’s procedure.


Another wished he had the motivation and drive that Antonio's sperm has in life. Ha!


Both Terricka and Antonio also have plans to film a reality television show, where they will debut their blended family.


However, don't tune in if you’re looking for baby mama drama.


Terricka said the blended family drama will be held for the show's second season.


It will be produced by Justin Tucker and Art Lyons. Vanessa McCullers and Danika Berry will serve as consulting producers.

Would you want 14 kids? Are you excited for this new family reality show? Share below!

The Cromarties premieres November 9, 2017 on USA.