Ariana Grande May Face Charges For Donut-Licking Scandal
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Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande May Face Charges For Donut-Licking Scandal


It looked like Ariana Grande could finally “Break Free” from the donut-gate drama as it was initially revealed the mischievous songstress would not be charged with criminal mischief for licking a few sugary treats in a California bakery. We also assume she’s never going to look at another donut again. 


TMZ reported that a Riverside County Sheriff’s Department rep announced the case is totally closed because Wolfee Donuts, where the fateful “prank” went down, had decided not to press charges. We doubt that the bakery expected all of this fallout when they leaked their security cam footage of the incident. It seems like they only wanted to embarrass Ariana — not start a week-long saga of investigations and apologies. 


But unfortunately for Wolfee’s, they did set off a health inspection, which led to them getting taken down a notch. The bakery lost their A rating and was demoted to a B — and that’s with the “Problem” singer as far away from the shop as possible 



A few hours after the original TMZ story, it looks like that awkwardly lowered health rating did actually push the owner of Wolfee's, Joe Marin, to file charges against the pop sensation. Despite the report from this morning, Joe told a Toronto radio station he had already filed charges last Monday and doesn't understand why he's reading anything saying otherwise. 


From the shop owner's story, it sounds like authorities believe he doesn't have much of a case since he only lost about $4 in damages. While Joe is upset that everyone now knows people can lick Wolfee's donuts at will thanks to Ariana's antics, he's forgetting the former Nickelodeon star wasn't the one to leak the video. 


And they say there's no such thing as bad publicity.