Courtney Robertson Was Dating Arie Luyendyk Before ‘Bachelor’ & Thought They’d Be Together — Exclusive
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Courtney Robertson Was Dating Arie Luyendyk Before ‘Bachelor’ & Thought They’d Be Together — Exclusive


It’s one thing to see your ex move on to someone new on social media, but another thing entirely when it’s broadcast on national television.

That’s something a few of the women Arie Luyendyk Jr. recently dated will experience in January, now that he’s been named the next Bachelor 2018 star.

Of all of his exes, however, it’s particularly fresh for Courtney Robertson.

The announcement that sent shockwaves through Bachelor Nation came on Thursday, when seemingly out of nowhere, Emily Maynard’s Bachelorette 2012 runner-up was dubbed the Season 22 lead.

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While fans were processing this information, Bachelor 16 winner — who first hooked up with Arie in 2012, after splitting from Ben Flajnik — was dealing with it in her own way, she tells Wetpaint exclusively.

“Honestly, Arie has always been a possibility in my life,” the I Didn't Come Here to Make Friends author shares.

She elaborates, “He's been my ‘what if.’ I think in the back of my mind, I kind of thought we might end up together someday.”

You see, as recently as January 2016, Courtney had opened up in the press about how the two still occasionally “make out."

“I adore Arie. He's a great friend who I like to make out with from time to time!" she gushed at the time.

That had only continued into 2017, picking back up when they both got out of a serious relationship around the same time in early summer.

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“We've known each other for so long and seen each other through our own relationships starting and ending,” she explains of the two, who can be seen pictured at the top of the post, taking in the 2017 Indianapolis 500 over Memorial Day Weekend together.

They were still exploring these feelings when the Bachelor came knocking, which she maintains was enough to put an end to any expectations of them being a couple.

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“Now I know, that chapter is really closed,” the 34-year-old admits.

The franchise alum fully believes that her ex will be engaged by the end of the process — it just won’t be to her.

“A lot of people were saying to me yesterday, ‘Please go on the show!’ But I won’t be going on. I won’t be making an appearance. I’ve been there, done that!” she laughs to People.

She confesses that she doesn’t think she’ll be watching — ”it would be hard for anybody to watch an ex fall in love and get engaged” — but she is “excited” for him, nonetheless.

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“This is the best year ever for him. It’s like winning the lottery! This is truly the love story people have been waiting for,” she states to the mag.

The former model also has one last tip for the women interested in joining his season as contestants.

“He’s very passionate and he’s a great kisser,” she notes. “The girls better get their Chapsticks ready!

The Bachelor Season 22 premieres in early 2018 on ABC.