‘Million Dollar Matchmaker’ Patti Stanger: Jared Wouldn’t Let Ashley Move On! — Exclusive
Ashley Iaconetti on Million Dollar Matchmaker
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Ashley Iaconetti

‘Million Dollar Matchmaker’ Patti Stanger: Jared Wouldn’t Let Ashley Move On! — Exclusive


People have a lot of (often negative) things to say about Ashley Iaconetti’s behavior on Bachelor in Paradise this season, but there might be even more to the story than you realize.

In fact, after spending time with KardAshley a few months back, Patti Stanger is blaming Jared Haibon for all of the drama in their complicated friendship.

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Patti tells Wetpaint the Bachelor alum’s appearance on tonight’s Million Dollar Matchmaker is her “favorite episode of the entire season.”

She recalls, “Ashley came in saying, we’re not allowed to talk about Jared, and we wouldn’t refer to him by name.”

That might sound extreme, but the relationship expert explains a “clean slate” was exactly what the 28-year-old needed, and she advised her to break things off with her unrequited love — unfortunately, he wouldn’t let that happen.

“What you don’t see in Paradise is that he’s blowing her phone up,” Patti explains. “The minute she called him she was like, ‘You can’t call me, we can’t be friends, you need to give me some time to heal.’ Then he blew her phone up.”

She adds, “Every time we were getting close to a scene that she was with a guy, getting close to the guy or kissing, it was like he would feel the switch go off, it was the strangest thing.”

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Though the matchmaker teases she did find a “gorgeous, amazing” guy for the brunette beauty to date, it sounds like things didn’t exactly go smoothly.

Her crying was insane, it was a tsunami,” she bemoans. “I really believe Kleenex needs to give her an endorsement deal.

“She also got nasty with me and was like, ‘I feel like I’m being produced.’ I told her she wasn’t being produced and my producer is screaming in my ear saying, ‘You tell her I’m going to produce the s—t out of her if she doesn’t stop crying.’”

Things must not have worked out between the hunk and Ashley, considering she’s back to looking for love on reality TV. (For the record, she shared the WE tv show taped two months before Paradise.)

Ashley Iaconetti and Wells Adams
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That being said, Patti does have some advice for her former client’s approach to dating going forward: Stop using the J-word! Oh, and find a good East Coast fella.

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“If she keeps talking about Jared, then how can any man think she’s into him? The guy who is gonna like her is gonna be a really tough New York cookie. Any other California lazy lion is gonna be like, ‘Dude, you like that other guy so I’m outta here.’ She needs a guy who’s gonna be like, you’re for me, and put a muzzle on her.”

Hey, Wells Adams, you up for that challenge?

Million Dollar Matchmaker airs tonight, August 26 at 10 p.m. ET on WE tv.