Nick Viall’s Pal Says He Has More Chemistry With Andi Than His Final Three
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Nick Viall’s Pal Says He Has More Chemistry With Andi Than His Final Three


When Josh Murray chimed in on the status of Nick Viall’s love life, we didn’t put too much stake in it. There’s no love lost there, after all.

But now that one of the Bachelor 2017 star’s own close pals from the franchise is seconding Josh’s sentiments — that Nick and Andi Dorfman are meant to be  — we’re listening up.

As a longtime friend and former Bachelor in Paradise co-star of the Wisconsin native, Ashley Iaconetti seems acutely aware of what makes him tick.

In her Access Hollywood live video this week, she revealed a pretty interesting stance about his connection (or lack thereof) with the final three women on his season: Vanessa Grimaldi, Rachel Lindsay, and Raven Gates.

It all came up when Ashley, along with guest hosts Jared Haibon, Alexis Waters (aka shark-dolphin), and Jasmine Goode, started to discuss Andi’s surprise appearance on the show last week.

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“I felt like they had more chemistry than he had with any of the remaining girls,” the Bachelor 2015 contestant gushes.

Interesting! However, Ash’s own ex isn’t really on board with that take.

“They’ve also had a history,” the two-time BIP hunk states, adding that he found their reunion “awkward.”

But KardAshley can’t be swayed, recounting, “It was like so fiery! The way they were looking at each other, you could feel it.”

While she might see “something there” between the exes, Jared insists it’s just their “past and history.”

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Luckily, she has Jasmine and Alexis to back her up.

“It still looked like there was something between them,” the former Golden State Warriors dancer agrees.

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Alexis chimes in, “I mean, more than anything else that’s going on this season.”

In general, the group could all agree there’s been a tangible “lack of connection” with the lead and his finalists this year.

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“There’s never been a time when I’ve been watching a top three and I’ve been like, ‘I still don’t feel it yet’ — with anyone!” Ashley I. muses.

But why? Alexis has a theory for that!

“Him going through it three times, I feel like he’s just not there anymore. He’s not emotionally connecting,” the New Jersey gal observes.

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Both of his Season 21 contestants can agree they were strictly in the friendzone with the 36-year-old — though they can agree he’s “really hot.”

“I only connected with him on a friendship level,” the aspiring dolphin trainer admits. “I feel like I was physically attracted to him but emotionally I feel like he’s just not able to connect.”