Is Jon Snow Azor Ahai Reborn? Popular \'Game of Thrones\' Fan Theory Explained
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Is Jon Snow Azor Ahai Reborn? Popular ‘Game of Thrones’ Fan Theory Explained


So now that we’re 99.9 percent sure that Jon Snow is returning for Game of Thrones Season 6, we should probably explain how we think it will came to be. One of the most popular fan theories suggests that Jon Snow lives because he is Azor Ahai reborn, but what does this mean?

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In the A Song of Ice and Fire books, there is a legendary figure in the religion of R’hllor — AKA Melisandre's faith — named Azor Ahai. Azor supposedly lived many thousands of years ago during a time of great darkness, when the White Walkers threatened to overrun mankind.

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Azor had a magical sword called Lightbringer, but in order to release its full potential he had to use it to kill his lover, Nissa Nissa. Once he gained the power through this sacrifice, he was able to defeat the White Walkers and save the world.

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Other religions tell a similar tale. In the Northern religion of the Old Gods, there is a legend of the Last Hero who defeated the White Walkers. The Faith of the Seven have a prophecy surrounding The Prince That Was Promised, a future figure who will debut in a time of need. They may be different interpretations of the same story.

Melisandre and Her Fire on Game of Thrones Season 5, Episode 9
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The religion of R’hllor foretells that Azor Ahai will return when the White Walkers rise again in order to defeat them, and Melisandre believed for a long time that Stannis was that savior. But now, she has shifted her attention to Jon Snow, leading most fans to believe that she will resurrect Jon after his death and that when he returns, he may very well be harboring the spirit of Azor Ahai.

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So, if Jon Snow seems a little... different... in Season 6, now you know why!