7 Ways the \'Bachelor\' Franchise Completely Changed in 2015
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The Bachelor

7 Ways the ‘Bachelor’ Franchise Completely Changed in 2015


We Bachelor fans can be creatures of habit, holding onto the original format of the show. Host Chris Harrison has been there since the first season in 2002, we've come to expect a proposal in the finale, and what happens in the Fantasy Suites stays in the Fantasy Suites.

Until 2015, that is.

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Here are 7 ways this year has been transformative for the franchise, with Chris Soules and Kaitlyn Bristowe's seasons, as well as Bachelor in Paradise all shaking things up.

1) Let's Talk About Sex, Baby

Kaitlyn changed the game this year by openly talking about having sex with Nick Viall during the season. It's about time we stopped making the subject taboo, so kudos to Kait.

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2) Staying Local

Season 19 ditched the white sand beaches for...Costco? Chris Soules's all-American farmer season was mostly filmed around the U.S., including South Dakota, Iowa, and Santa Fe. But if you were lucky enough to make it to the final three, you also scored a trip to Bali.

3) Duel Bachelorettes

Well, this was a first...and probably a last! Season 11 of the Bachelorette started out with Kaitlyn Bristowe and Britt Nilsson competing for the title, with the male contestants casting votes as to who should stay. Good TV: 1, Feminism: 0.

4) The Villain Returns...and Stays

Usually when someone returns to the show for a second chance — cough Chris Bukowski cough — they don't get to stay. But "tricky Nicky" Nick Viall managed to return four episodes into Kaitlyn's season and stayed until the finale... proposal and all.

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5) The Live Aftershow

ABC decided to get all meta this year, creating a live aftershow: Bachelor in Paradise: After Paradise. The show, hosted by Chris Harrison and Jenny Mollen, brought on guests from BiP as well as celebrity superfans. Lucky for all of us, Ben Higgins's Season is also getting an after show, called Bachelor Live.

6) Double the Fun on Bachelor in Paradise

Ashley Iaconetti and her sister Lauren both went on BiP this year — they counted as one rose — even though Lauren wasn't even a Bachelor alum. Turns out she was already involved in something back home, but hey, we applaud ABC for switching things up.

7) Hometowns Remixed

Instead of traveling to four different hometowns during Kaitlyn's season, she only met Shawn Booth and Nick Viall's families. Not only that, but she didn't even get to visit the towns where they grew up. Rather, the families flew to Park City, Utah for a meet-and-greet.