Ben Higgins Suffers Heartbreaking Loss During ‘Bachelor’ 2016 Filming!
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The Bachelor

Ben Higgins Suffers Heartbreaking Loss During ‘Bachelor’ 2016 Filming!


We didn’t think this week’s Episode 3 of Bachelor 2016 couldn’t get darker than Jubilee Sharpe telling Ben Higgins about the death of her entire family in Haiti… until it did.

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In a moment that’s never happened in the history of the ABC franchise, Ben received a call before the rose ceremony that two family friends had been killed in a plane crash!

“Two people close to my family passed away in a plane crash last night,” the 26-year-old revealed to the contestants at the start of the cocktail party. “These two people have been pillars of my community back home since I was little.”

He continued tearfully, “I’m here to find somebody and I’m here to find somebody when this happens to just sit with and talk to.”

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While most of the women seemed sympathetic to Ben’s loss, one just couldn’t stop herself from returning the attention to her favorite person: herself.

That gal, of course, was Olivia Caridi! The growing Season 20 villain pulled the Indiana native aside immediately after his speech, and instead of asking him how he was doing, she started crying about people making fun of her cankles in the past! Yes, seriously!

“I came in here kind of down and this wasn’t what I wanted to talk about,” Ben admitted in the confessional.

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Get a clue, girl.