Meet Breanne Rice, ‘Bachelor’ 2016 Contestant (PHOTOS)
Breanne Rice, Bachelor Contestant
Credit: Reality Steve    

The Bachelor

Meet Breanne Rice, ‘Bachelor’ 2016 Contestant (PHOTOS)


We know Bachelor Ben Higgins is mature beyond his 26 years, but is he ready for a 30-year-old gal who’s already been divorced twice?!


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Ladies and gents, meet Breanne Rice, one of Ben’s Bachelor 2016 contestants who was just spoiled by the interwebs. And as you can guess from our intro, this gal is one to watch come January.


According to the sleuth-y Reality Steve, the Seattle native is a holistic nutritional therapy practitioner, which, even by Bachelor Nation standards, is bizarre. Can’t wait for her intro package!


And yes, we’re guessing this one will get one of those coveted intros. Not only does she have an interesting background — more on that in a minute — but her website reveals she suffers from the skin condition vitiligo, so there’s lots of ground to cover.

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Breanne Rice, Bachelor Contestant
Credit: Reality Steve    

Now, back to that tumultuous romantic history. Steve reveals, though Bre’s barely out of her 20s, she has been married and divorced twice. The second marriage was apparently in 2013 and only lasted a year. Yikes.


We’re going to fully reserve judgment until we meet the health-loving lady next year, but needless to say, she’s certainly on a different page than the mostly baggage-free Bachelor, who’s only had one serious relationship (and nary a marriage in sight!).


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Our best guess is Breanne’s great for TV, but maybe not the one for Ben. But maybe we’re wrong! We’ll find out once the season gets closer, but keep an eye on her (currently deactivated) Twitter and Instagram for when they go live again. Maybe there’s more to her than meets the eye…

The Bachelor Season 20 premieres Monday, January 4 on ABC.