Who Went Home on ‘Bachelor’ 2016 Episode 3?
Bachelor 2016 Episode 2
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The Bachelor

Who Went Home on ‘Bachelor’ 2016 Episode 3?


We just watched the third week of Ben Higgins’s love journey and there were definitely some shocking eliminations!

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Or, should we say, game changing self elimination! That’s right, on January 18’s Episode 3, one of the 17 remaining Season 20 contestants elects to remove herself from the competition for Ben’s heart.

And did we mention, it’s one of the most entertaining women in the batch?

The lady in question is none other than Lace “I’m Not Crazy” Morris. Say it isn’t so!

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Though we’re sure the Indiana-raised hunk was probably about to send Lace home anyway, she does the job for him during the cocktail ceremony this week.

And we can’t forget about the other two we said goodbye to tonight.

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These less surprising choices are the Russian-speaking Shushanna Mkrtychyan (guess Ben wasn’t looking to talk via translator for the rest of his life) and Kaitlyn Bristowe pal Jami Letain, who we really never got to know.

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One more time, a look at the three departees this week. Now, 14 remain in the running to be the future Mrs. Higgins!

Lace Morris, 25, Real Estate Agent, Denver, Colorado

Shushanna Mkrtychyan, 27, Mathematician, Salt Lake City, Utah

Jami Letain, 23, Bartender, St. Albert, Alberta, Canada

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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