Details on ‘Bachelor’ 2016’s Lauren Bushnell’s Ex-Boyfriend & Partying Past — Report
Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell
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The Bachelor

Details on ‘Bachelor’ 2016’s Lauren Bushnell’s Ex-Boyfriend & Partying Past — Report


There’s no denying how cute Ben Higgins and Bachelor 2016 finalist Lauren Bushnell are together, but what else do we really know about the California blonde?

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Aside from Lauren’s jetsetting job as a flight attendant and her tight knit family, we haven’t learned too much about her past — not that unusual given the editing that goes on with this show.

We did, however, learn the 25-year-old was still single when joining the show due to being “picky” when it comes to men. But a recent report tells a different story about her love life.

According to an In Touch source, LoLo was in a three-year relationship with a guy by the name of Sean Evans up until April 2015, just five months before Ben’s Season 20 began filming.

Around that time, she was arrested for public intoxication at the Stagecoach Country Music Festival in Indio, California, though it’s not clear if the two were related.

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However, the insider does say Sean was bothered by her alleged hard-partying ways, recalling she’d “lay by the pool every day taking shots and downing mixed drinks. Then she’d continue to drink all night.”

Apparently this affected the couple’s dynamic as well, as she’d take some of her alcohol-induced emotions out on her beau.

“It was embarrassing to be around her when she was drunk because she’d turn into a mess,” the source claims. “She’d have these drunken crying fits in public places — she’s way too emotional.”

They also add Lauren is “super needy” when it comes to guys, revealing, “If Sean tried to go out with his friends, she would call and text him nonstop until he got back home.”

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Hmm… this sounds like a very different girl than the one we’ve met and fallen for on TV! Could this simply be the words of a jealous ex or is there more to the Portland gal than meets the eye? Time will tell!

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