Andi Dorfman Grills Nick Viall in ‘Bachelor’ 2017 Sneak Peek (VIDEO)
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The Bachelor

Andi Dorfman Grills Nick Viall in ‘Bachelor’ 2017 Sneak Peek (VIDEO)


Things are about the get real on next week’s Bachelor 2017 episode!

We’re talking about the epic reunion between Bachelorette 2014 exes Andi Dorfman and Nick Viall, which is set to go down on the February 27 outing.

As you might’ve guessed, the former attorney isn’t showing up at Nick’s NYC hotel room simply to catch up.

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In fact, she’s there with an agenda, and her Season 10 runner-up is visibly nervous in a sneak peek of the moment via

“Andi is the last person I ever thought I would see,” the 36-year-old says to the camera.

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He continues, “So, what the f—k is she doing here now?"

Luckily, she reveals her intentions pretty quickly.

He’s finally going to have to face his past — namely, his infamous After the FInal Rose comment that outed their Fantasy Suites activities.

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“Do you look back, and you're like, 'Damn, I shouldn't have said, 'Why would you make love with me if you weren't in love with me?'” she grills.


We don’t get to see his response just yet, though he’s obviously taken aback and mutters something about things being “super weird.”

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Then again, the tone appears to shift at some point, with the two playfully prodding at one another.

“This is blowing my mind. I mean, last time you knocked down my door, you broke up with me,” the Wisconsin native quips.

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“Oh, that's true!” Andi replies, smiling.

He wasn’t done yet, either!

“You dumped me on national television,” he sasses, yet again.

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“But now, you're dumping 29 girls,” she replies, not expecting the bombshell response she’s about to get.

He shoots back, “I know, maybe 30,” shocking her with the insinuation he might not give out his final rose.

What gives, Nicky?! See the whole preview below:

The Bachelor Season 21 airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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