Will Nick Viall and His ‘Bachelor’ 2017 Winner Get a Spin-Off? (VIDEO)
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Will Nick Viall and His ‘Bachelor’ 2017 Winner Get a Spin-Off? (VIDEO)


After four stints in the Bachelor franchise, has Nick Viall finally had enough?

The Season 21 star answered that very question this week as it relates to the possibility of a spin-off with his winner.

Nick was on a whirlwind press tour after Monday’s midseason episode, and one of his stops was on Jenny McCarthy’s SiriusXM show.

While there, the host asked the 36-year-old if he is currently happily engaged to his final rose — a big “if” he keeps stressing — whether they might consider returning to TV together.

At the moment, it sounds like he’s had his fill of documenting his love life for public consumption.

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“If things work out with me… I think when it comes to putting my personal life — in terms of my dating life — on TV, I’ve probably had enough of that,” he says.

So not something like Ben & Lauren: Happily Ever After?

“If things work out for me, I don’t think that’s for me,” he confirms.

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Aww man! Call us crazy, but we’re not opposed to keeping up with the Wisconsin native once he’s finally found true love (fingers crossed).

Then again, a couple years back Nick told us he would never go on Bachelor in Paradise, and then he went and joined Season 3! Things can always change.

Nick Viall on Bachelor in Paradise
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Speaking of the possible winner, some eagle-eyed fans have noted something potentially very telling that the Bachelor has been doing this season…

If you remember, during their zero gravity 1-on-1 date a few weeks back, he and Vanessa Grimaldi wore matching yellow bracelets.

Since then, viewers pointed out the hunk has continued to wear it on dates with other women, as well!

This could mean nothing, but a group of Bachelor Nationers are under the impression this is a sign Vanessa is his favorite, and he’s planning to pick her in the finale.

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