One ‘Bachelor’ 2018 Contestant Thought She’d Be Meeting Peter Kraus (VIDEO)
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The Bachelor

One ‘Bachelor’ 2018 Contestant Thought She’d Be Meeting Peter Kraus (VIDEO)


Well, this is going to be awkward!

Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s season of The Bachelor is premiering in just a few short weeks, but we already have some sneak peeks of the limo entrances.

While some of the girls are cute, others are just plain cringe worthy.

In the first clip it’s fairly clear Jacqueline wishes the 36-year-old is somebody else — AKA Peter Kraus.

“So I’m really sorry, but I’m supposed to be meeting a guy named Peter here today?” she asks as she approaches the leading man.


The good news? She’s only joking!

“You did me like that already?” the race car driver asks.

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The next girl, Tia, gives Arie a cute gift so he can always remember her among the bevy of women.

“I’m Tia from Weiner, Arkansas. I know you’re going to have a lot of girls, so I have a little gift, a little weiner,” she says.


While the gift idea is cute (and cheesy), it’s the next line that really sends things into uncomfortable territory.

“Please tell me you don’t already have a little weiner,” she says.

Another girl named Ali asks Ari to smell her armpits — yes, smell her armpits — which is just plain weird.

Where do these girls come up with these entrances?


The final clip is of a woman named Becca who asks Ari to get down on one knee.

“Now repeat after me, ‘Are you ready to do the damn thing?’" she says before he repeats it. 


What do you think of these entrances? Let us know your thoughts below!