The Bachelor’s Erica Rose Says Men Are “Scared” to Date Her
The Bachelor’s Erica Rose Says Men Are “Scared” to Date Her
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The Bachelor’s Erica Rose Says Men Are “Scared” to Date Her


Remember that time The Bachelor decided to actually make good on all its talk of fairy tales and brought in an Italian prince to play the lead? It was October 2006 and Prince Lorenzo Borghese seemed to be the answer to America’s secret dreams of royalty. And then we met Erica Rose.

In case you don’t recall: Erica’s the contestant who brought her own tiara.

“We were in Italy and they were living in this great house on this vineyard. Then Erica walks in and she has this tiara on,” host Chris Harrison recalled on the June 17 episode of daytime talk show Katie.

His favorite memory of the princess-in training: when the new arrival asked him, “Where’s the help? Where are the people to get my bags and cook for me?”

Despite the rocky introduction, Chris said Erica’s one of his “favorites” from the show. He might be alone in that opinion since she quickly became Season 9’s resident villain.

Erica herself has no regrets from her time on camera, telling Katie Couric (as in the Katie Couric) that being referred to as a Bachelor bad girl is “a compliment.” Why? “It’s just fun. We were young. We were having fun.”

Since leaving Italy, Erica’s kept having fun with appearances on Bachelor Pad and on VH1’s You’re Cut Off, a reality TV show that “rehabilitated” rich girls. Based on the outing Erica just had last week, we don’t think it worked.

Unfortunately for Erica, appearing on The Bachelor has put a wrinkle in her post-show romances.

“It has affected my dating life,” she confessed on Katie. “Certain guys don’t want to date me because they see the me that was on TV and they’re scared.”

“I can’t imagine why?!” Chris added. Hey, you said you liked her!

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