Clare Crawley Retires From ‘Bachelor\' Franchise, Says She Should’ve Been Bachelorette
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Clare Crawley

Clare Crawley Retires From ‘Bachelor’ Franchise, Says She Should’ve Been Bachelorette


Clare Crawley fans, we have some bad news for you: You will never see her on another Bachelor Nation show again! After competing on The Bachelor and two seasons of Bachelor in Paradise, Clare has officially thrown in the towel on finding reality show love.


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When Clare was sent home on last night’s (August 23) episode, she decided that she was done with the franchise… and admitted she’s bummed she was never on The Bachelorette— where she feels she truly belonged.

“If they would have just chosen me for The Bachelorette, I wouldn’t have to be here,” Clare grumbled. “I would have found my husband. I guess there’s part of me that’s sort of hard not to be jaded and skeptical, but it just hurts because you hit a certain point where it’s just a slap in the face.”


“This is my retirement from Bachelor in Paradise,” she announced.


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And on Monday, Clare also posted a quote on Instagram that confirmed she’s done for good. It sounds like Clare is finally ready to move on from this chapter in her life, and we can’t blame her for wanting a fresh start.

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We’ll miss Clare — although she should probably never say never. We have a feeling she might change her mind in the future — especially if a reunion with her raccoon friend is in the balance.