Did Evan Bass Fake His Medical Emergency on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’?
Evan Bass
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Bachelor in Paradise

Did Evan Bass Fake His Medical Emergency on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’?


Who knew playing the sick card could land you the girl?

On last night’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise, we saw erectile dysfunction specialist Evan Bass finally win love interest Carly Waddell over by, well, losing consciousness. Yes, really.

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After a boozy double-date with Daniel Maguire and Sarah Herron, Evan returned to his bed to pass out. Fast forward a bit and suddenly a producer was in his room trying unsuccessfully to rouse him.

At first it seemed something was terribly wrong. But when Carly was called in, the 33-year-old was awake and seemed totally fine — though he was hooked up to various medical apparatus.

Still, the medic told the straight-shooting gal to watch over him that night, which had her a little skeptical as to what his state of health really is.

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“I kinda felt weird all day,” he tried to explain to her. “I thought it was just the medication. Just, like I felt loopy all day.”

That got many wondering on Twitter whether the single dad was faking his “illness” for the attention of his lady friend. But that didn’t seem to matter to Carly, as she was sort of digging it!

“I don't know if Evan is faking, but this is the most extreme anyone has ever gone for my affection,” she said with a laugh. “A part of me kinda likes it.”

She liked it so much, in fact, they ended up making out in bed! So much for not feeling well, right?

That being said, tonight’s second episode teases things might get more serious for him when he’s shown in an ambulance, having an IV put into his arm.

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But for now, even Evan seems to be having fun with the situation on Twitter, writing last night he was posting “live from an intensive care unit.”

He then joked, “When's the last time you faked your own death?!”


Bachelor in Paradise airs every Monday and Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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