\'Bachelor in Paradise\'s Joe Bailey Utters Most Epic Limo Last Words! (VIDEO)

Bachelor in Paradise

‘Bachelor in Paradise’s Joe Bailey Utters Most Epic Limo Last Words! (VIDEO)


We all knew this day would come, but we didn’t know it would be this intense! On August 31's episode of Bachelor in Paradise, resident villain Joe Bailey was finally sent home during the rose ceremony. Also what you might have expected? He didn’t exactly take it well.


During the ceremony, it came time for Samantha Steffen to give her rose to one of the guys — the last rose of the night, duh — and instead of handing it over to Joe, who she’s on and off with since she showed up in Paradise, Sam went with Dan Cox instead. Joe was confident that he’d get the rose, so when he didn’t, all hell basically broke loose.


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But before Joe left, he pulled Samantha aside to talk to her about what just went down.

“I treat you like a princess, I gave you no reason to believe any of that,” he said. “You have totally led me on this whole time . . . I think the group needs to see the text message you sent me that says ‘Do whatever it takes to get a rose.’”


Sam, of course, reacted by dropping a few D-bombs (drama, of course). “I’m extremely disappointed in Joe. It’s been a complete nightmare, I’ve never dealt with drama in my entire life and I don’t even know how to deal with it… I feel like I’m kind of a victim in this situation.”


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But that's not all! Next up, we had one of the most memorable limo exits ever.


“If I see Dan Cox out somewhere there will be an altercation, I promise you that,” Joe snapped at the ABC cameras. “I really thought that I was gonna leave Paradise with Sam. And for it to be going so well, for me to feel so good, and then she goes and sends me home?”

He continued, showing the texts from Sam and saying, “She clearly said ‘do whatever it takes to get a rose because I’m excited to be here. A girl like that doesn’t end up with a guy like me. They shouldn’t end up with me, because I deserve better. America will see exactly who the real Samantha is. Damn it, I should have f—ked her brains out.”


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Well, that was graphic. But would it have been Joe if his final words were any other way?