\'Bachelor in Paradise\': Joe Bailey’s 5 Most Terrifying Lines
Joe Bailey on Bachelor in Paradise
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Bachelor in Paradise

‘Bachelor in Paradise’: Joe Bailey’s 5 Most Terrifying Lines


We need to discuss the burgeoning sociopath that is Joe Bailey. This cold-hearted rose huffer entered Bachelor in Paradise Season 2 being hailed as a "funny man," only to turn out completely unfunny in every way possible — unless your idea of A+ humor is having someone threaten to beat you up with a pair of brass knuckles, in which case, Joe is hilarious.


BiP's resident villain revealed his true nature during this week's Episodes 2A and 2B, where he used single mom Juelia Kinney to get a rose, and then made violent threats against his Paradise BFFs, Jonathan Holloway and Mikey Tenerelli. To be honest, Joe's poetic musings should have gotten him kicked out of the house, but please — that would make for pretty boring TV. This is Chris Harrison's terrifying world, and we're all just living in it!


With that in mind, we've rounded up the best of the best (aka the worst of the worst) of Joe's comments for you to look back on.

Joe Informs Audience About How Many Effs He Gives (Spoiler Alert: Zero)

"I give zero f—ks right now. I'm just like...GIMME THAT ROSE."

Joe Says Some Super Sweet Things About Jonathan (Oh, Wait, Nope)

"I would break his f—king jaw, and beat the f—king pulp out of his f—king brain."

Wait, Guys, There's More!

"I wont stop 'til his brains are coming out of his ears, I swear to you."

Note To Everyone: Never Go to Kentucky

My old Kentucky home. #bluegrassstate

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"If we were in Kentucky right now, I would get a pair of brass knuckles and put my brass knuckles on my right hand, and walk up to Mikey T. and knock him down."

Joe Talks About #TheStruggle

"It was very difficult for me not to rip my fist into Mikey's face."

Joe Sums Up His Feelings on Mikey, Terrifies Us in the Process

"I just made him my bitch."

In conclusion, Joe is scary, no one should be dating him, praying for Samantha Steffen when she shows up.