Olivia Caridi’s ‘Bachelor’ 2016 Co-Stars Slam Her “Fat Toes” — Seriously! (PHOTO)
Olivia Caridi
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The Bachelor

Olivia Caridi’s ‘Bachelor’ 2016 Co-Stars Slam Her “Fat Toes” — Seriously! (PHOTO)


For the second week in a row, one of Olivia Caridi’s body parts made headlines (aka trended on Twitter) during Bachelor 2016!

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Last time, it was her massive mouth, and this time? Her equally large toes! Say what?!

It all started when Ben Higgins’s Season 20 villain stole him away first during the group date after party. Of course, this “aggressive” move didn’t sit well with the rest of the ladies, who started an epic tirade of mean — and super random! — insults against her.

Amber James kicked things off, quietly muttering about her “fat toes.” We might have missed that, except then troublemaker Lace Morris went and repeated the insulting out loud. Jeesh, girl!

At first it seemed like Emily/Haley Ferguson (we can’t tell the difference between the twins) was going to shame her fellow contestants for being so catty — until she turned around and did the same, dissing her breath and calling her boobs fake.

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That was way harsh, Tai!

But when Jami Letain ratted out the mean girls to the polished news anchor, her response was surprising.

“Am I aggressive? Yeah,” the 23-year-old told the ABC cameras. “Do I have bad toes? Yeah. I know I do.”

Wow — no one can rattle this gal’s confidence! Is it weird we like her a little more now? She even won us over during the ep with a playful “photo” of her toes on Twitter:

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OK, you got us there! Just don’t talk about your “cankles” to Ben again.