The Bachelor: Which Guy Was the Oldest During His Show Run?
The Bachelor: Which Guy Was the Oldest During His Show Run?
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The Bachelor: Which Guy Was the Oldest During His Show Run?


Dating like a playboy is a young man’s game, in real life. But The Bachelor is a totally different story, and we were wondering if Viggle LIVE! users would know who the oldest fella to hand out roses on national television was, out of three choices. Is it current Season 18 Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis? Season 15 ‘s Brad Womack? Maybe Season 4 star Bob Guiney? Turns out half of the Viggle folks were quick with the right answer!

That would be Brad, who was 35 during his 2007 run on Season 11, when he chose not to pick either Jenni Croft or DeAnna Pappas. Four years later, he came back for Season 15 in 2007, at age 38, ending up with Emily Maynard in the finale. A touch over 50 percent of voters knew that Brad was up there not just in hotness, but in age as well.

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While Juan Pablo is close behind Brad’s first season age, at 32, only 10 percent of users thought he was the eldest rose-doler. Perhaps it’s time that made the remaining users confused, as 40 percent of Viggle voters imagined that Bob Guiney was long in the tooth during his Bachelor days. But at 31 during filming, he was still spry in the step. Fun fact: The oldest guy ever to do the honor was Byron Velvick, who was 40 at the time he starred in Season 6. We left him off the list since we know a lot of you were napping during that particular phase of the show...

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