Chad Calls JoJo a “Complete B—h” After ‘Bachelorette’ 2-on-1 Elimination
JoJo Fletcher on Bachelorette 2016
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The Bachelorette

Chad Calls JoJo a “Complete B—h” After ‘Bachelorette’ 2-on-1 Elimination


You didn’t think things would end well for Chad Johnson on Bachelorette 2016, did you?

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That was proven tonight on Episode 4 of JoJo Fletcher’s love “journey” when the controversial contestant went head-to-head with his fellow marine and mortal enemy, Alex Woytkiw, on one of the franchise’s epic 2-on-1 dates.

We knew things weren’t going to end well for the “villain” when, at the beginning of the picturesque hiking outing, JoJo was calling Alex a “stand up guy” while brushing off Chad’s stories about river floating in Oklahoma.

It only got worse when Alex told the Bachelorette about Chad threatening people in the house — especially Jordan Rodgers, which really set the Dallas beauty off.

“I’ve been so conflicted with Chad because I know about his past but I’m honestly shocked about the things that I’m hearing. Threatening guys and being aggressive — the Chad that I know is this sweet, sensitive guy,” she told the ABC cameras.

While the level-headed gal tried to give the controversial hunk one last chance to defend himself for his bad behavior, but that only turned into a heated disagreement between the two.

Not buying his excuse for violence — “they kept pressuring and pushing me!” — the 25-year-old wasn’t having it.

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“Girls asked me questions all the time and never once did I say, ‘I’m going to find you after this and beat your ass,” she sniped.

Though the real estate developer was broken up about the situation, crying about how she felt for Chad losing his mother six months prior, in the end, she couldn’t deal with him anymore.

But before that elimination happened, we got a few epic lines from the “Chadelor” himself while he was confronting Alex on the picnic blanket. Read on for a handful of our favorites:

“Life ain’t all blueberries and paper airplanes, ya know what I mean.”

“It’s just unfortunate that I can’t hurt you right now without getting in trouble.”

“Drink some milk.”

“Pigs are in the castle.”

Ah, Chad, we’re going to miss you so. JoJo will not, however.

While sending him home, she stated, “Chad, I don’t think that you are the person you say you are. I don’t think the way you behave and resort to violence is acceptable. I don’t want somebody who can’t get along with other people and thinks that physical violence is the way to solve things.”

And for a split second we felt bad for the guy — until he ranted to the cameras about our girl Joelle.

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“She’s fake because I could tell the way she talked to me and I could tell the way she looked at me the way she felt about me,” he slammed. “She’s either an actress or she’s a complete b—h. There’s only two options.” Ugh.

Ding dong, the douche is dead?