Jillian Harris on Bachelorette’s Chad Johnson: “I Just Feel Bad For Him”
Chad Johnson on Bachelorette
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Jillian Harris on Bachelorette’s Chad Johnson: “I Just Feel Bad For Him”


Bachelor Nation seems pretty split down the middle when it comes to JoJo Fletcher’s Season 12 “villain” Chad Johnson — and that includes the alums themselves.

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Nothing proves that more than the diverging opinions of two of America’s most beloved Bachelorette alums, Jillian Harris and Desiree Hartsock, who both weighed in on the drama surrounding the aggressive former marine.

For her part, Jillian comes off mostly sympathetic for Chad, who found himself at odds with the majority of his fellow contestants prior to his Bachelorette 2016 elimination on June 7.

“When you go on a show like this it’s emotionally traumatizing for most people and you have to be prepared for that and know what you’re getting yourself into,” she writes on her blog this week.

She then goes on to explain how she doesn’t think the luxury real estate developer was “a good fit for the show,” and places some of the blame on the producers who used him for the public’s entertainment.

She continues, “He may have been warned, I don’t know!? But the producers knew that he had this type of temper and this type of personality and yes they probably did decide to keep him around for great TV.”

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The 36-year-old admits “I just feel bad for him,” though she’s quick to acknowledge the Oklahoma hunk’s part in all of this.

“He’s obviously competitive and has some anger issues but when you’re under a microscope with all of these cameras around and a house full of testosterone…” she trails off, before finishing, “There is a reason they kept him on the show and it isn’t because JoJo’s in love with him, it’s because she quote on quote[sic] had to keep him for good TV.”

It doesn’t seem like Desiree shares those sentiments, however, as she had much harsher words for the meathead while promoting her new book, My Fairytale Wedding, this week.

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“He has a completely different idea of going about dating, life and himself,” the mama-to-be tells People. “He has a warped idea of what a gentleman is!”

Tell us how you really feel, Des! Just goes to show, we all think differently.