Chad Johnson Accused of Using Steroids on ‘Bachelorette’
Chad Johnson on Bachelorette 2016
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The Bachelorette

Chad Johnson Accused of Using Steroids on ‘Bachelorette’


Erectile dysfunction specialist Evan Bass might spend most of his time around other men’s, ahem, packages, but in tonight’s Bachelorette, he proved to have some brass balls of his own!

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While the majority of the guys on JoJo Fletcher’s Season 12 had issues with villain Chad Johnson, it was Evan who decided to take one of the team and call the beefcake out during the sex talks group date.

And by “call out” we mean he full-on roasted the former marine, even going so far as to accuse him of using steroids.

“As you guys know, I’m in a house filled with other guys and a lot of testosterone,” the single dad started during his speech. “I want to tell a cautionary tale, I want to talk about the dangers of using steroids. A couple of the benefits are you get the rope-like muscles, the chisel — a lot of guys in the house are natural.

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He continues, “But then you get the dangers of steroid usage — steroid overdose. Irritability, withdrawal from people, saying things like ‘The girl I’m trying to date is nagging me.’ … To all you guys an girls out there, make sure your boys aren’t using.”

Needless to say, Chad was not loving the accusations against him, and we seconded Grant Kemp when he said, “When Evan gets knock out by Chad, no one’s going to be surprised.”

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The luxury real estate agent didn’t technically knock him out, but he did grab his shirt as he walked by him, which he claims he did because Evan pushed by him first.

It got worse when, backstage, Evan tried to tell him the speech was “all in good fun” and just part of a comedy act. That caused the Oklahoma hunk to to lunge at him as he walked by, causing the best flinch in reality TV history.

No physical interaction happened (aside from between Chad’s fist and a door), but the gauntlet has been thrown. Sure, Evan might have gotten the group date rose, but he might want to sleep with one eye open.