Robby’s “Fake” Note & Hair on ‘Bachelorette’ Are the Talk of Twitter
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The Bachelorette

Robby’s “Fake” Note & Hair on ‘Bachelorette’ Are the Talk of Twitter


Robby Hayes may have impressed JoJo Fletcher enough to make her final two, but Twitter is not feelin’ the former pro swimmer.

Putting aside the rumors he dumped his ex-girlfriend to join Bachelorette 2016, last night’s Fantasy Suites spurred some drama on the social media site related to two things: the note “from his dad” and his shellacked hair.

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Let’s deal with the note first, shall we? During Robby’s overnight date with JoJo, he handed her a handwritten letter he claimed his father wrote and snuck into the back pocket of his (uber tight) jeans.

The yellow paper read: “Robby, I can tell you really love JoJo. Do not get down about all this negativity surrounding your past relationship. Stick to your plan and everything will work out. You are the man. I love you, Dad.”

While we we totally could see Coach Hayes (as the family calls him) bringing up his son’s past relationship like that, as he did fight with said ex Hope Higginbotham online, Bachelor Nation wasn’t buying it.

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From calling out the odd “you’re the man” phrasing to even suggesting a Bachelorette intern wrote it “five minutes before cameras started rolling,” there was a lot of doubt going the Floridian's way.  

After the note, it was time for the internet to get riled up over the Ken Doll-esque hunk’s unmoving hair — namely, how it looked in the morning-after scenes.

While the Bachelorette had thrown her long brown locks up in a messy bun, like many of us do while relaxed at home, her beau’s elaborate ‘do looked unchanged from the night before.

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This had some wondering: Did he wake up and fix it?

Oh, Robert. You sure do baffle us.

The Bachelorette airs tonight, July 25 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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