Details on ‘Bachelorette’ 2017’s DeMario Jackson’s Ex-Girlfriend Lexi Thexton
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Details on ‘Bachelorette’ 2017’s DeMario Jackson’s Ex-Girlfriend Lexi Thexton


We wouldn’t fault Rachel Lindsay for anything she did when telling off DeMario Jackson on Bachelorette 2017 — not once but twice!

The only qualm we did have with the situation was the producers never made the Season 13 bad boy sit down with his secret girlfriend and hash things out.

In fact, we got to know very little about her — aside from her name and that she has kittens!

That is, until now.

Lucky for us, Reality Steve was able to track the gal down and we now have more details on her — and their complicated relationship.

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First off, her full name is Alexis “Lexi” Thexton, a Vancouver native who he says moved to L.A. to pursue a modeling and acting career, go figure.

Though she insisted she was dating DeMario when he left for Bachelorette filming, the spoiler blogger maintains they were more hookup buddies than in a serious relationship.

We’re not sure how he knows this, though she is seemingly sticking to this relationship story.

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Just this Monday, Lexi spoke with “The Bachelor Insider” Lisa Schwartz for her YouTube channel, talking about what really happened with them.

Calling him her “boyfriend,” the brunette recounts for a second time the moment when she woke up to the 30-year-old’s voice on E! News highlighting the previous night’s After the Final Rose special.

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“I rewound it probably like six times,” she admits, as her chest starts getting red from anger.

Lexi goes on to share that the two had been dating since August, and he’d even dropped the L-bomb — though it might not have counted.

She snipes, “He would say ‘I love you’ when he was f—king me, but that doesn’t really count.”


The scorned ex also claims that, though DeMario seemed like a good person when they first started dating, she started to see red flags a few months in.

“The very first date that we had, he told me he loved animals,” she details, “and then after like three or four months, would get so annoyed by them.”

“[He] was like, ‘I don’t give a f—k about these stupid f—king animal pics.”

The two have not spoken since their interaction during filming in late March, and she says if she were to run into him again, she’d “probably kick him in the balls.”

Calling him out on TV and in the media isn’t her only approach for getting revenge, it seems.

Where I'd rather be

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On her Instagram, Lexi is always posting scantily-clad shots of herself to show her former beau what he’s missing.

“When a fool thinks they can f—k with you ????????????#MOOD #HeStillHasMyF—kingKeys,” she captions a video of herself naked in bed last week.

When a fool thinks they can fuck with you #MOOD #HeStillHasMyFuckingKeys

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In addition to nude clips and thong pics, the Canadian is also a big fan of selfies, which makes sense for an aspiring entertainer.

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All things considered, we’re sort of loving how relentless this lady’s been towards her cheating ex.

We can’t wait to see what happens when she finds out he’s going to be on Bachelor in Paradise Season 4!

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