Who Did Rachel Lindsay Send Home on ‘Bachelorette’ 2017 Episode 4?
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Who Did Rachel Lindsay Send Home on ‘Bachelorette’ 2017 Episode 4?


These Bachelorette 2017 cliffhangers are killing us!

At the end of Episode 3, we watched as Rachel Lindsay’s (accused racist) contestant Lee Garrett continued to gaslight Eric Bigger so bad he almost lost his rose.

As frustrating as that was, it only got more frustrating when we ended without a rose ceremony again tonight!

The good news was we did get a rose ceremony at the top of Episode 4.

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Tonight, Rachel sent home three of her remaining Season 13 contestants — and sadly, none of them were villain Lee.

At least Eric got to keep his rose this time, as the three out the door are relatively predictable eliminations.

First, we’ve got rarely-seen male model Brady Ervin.


To be honest, if his hair wasn’t sky-high and he didn’t admit to the “booger roll” as his modeling move, we would’ve missed this guy entirely.

Another rarely-seen eliminee? Firefighter Bryce Powers, who spent the majority of his time on the show talking crap about Eric rather than getting to know the Bachelorette.


Good riddance, right?

Finally, there is one cut we’re sort of bummed about…

That would be Kenneth “Diggy” Moreland, whose stylish bow ties and thick-rimmed glasses have seen their final days on our screens.


Say it isn’t so! 

After all that, we still had a full episode of dates to attend to — and we finally left L.A.!

The first destination on the Dallas lawyer's love “journey” was Bluffton, South Carolina, and she kicked it off with a 1-on-1 with Dean Unglert to a Russell Dickerson concert.

They sure hit it off! And it was so nice seeing Dean open up about his difficult family history.

After that, it was group date o’clock, with a whopping 13 men joining the brunette beauty on a party boat before joining in a spelling bee!

That might've sounded anticlimactic at first, but it quickly changed!

The after party resulted in even more tension between Lee and another man he tried to throw shade on to Rachel — Kenny "King" Layne!

We’ll have to wait and see what happens next, unfortunately, as it’s time for another “To Be Continued…”

The teaser for next week makes it look like we're in for a 2-on-1 with these two enemies. Eek!

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So without an episode-ending rose ceremony, click through for a reminder on who’s out the door this week.

bachelorette 2017 contestants
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Brady Ervin, 29, Male model, Miami, Florida

Bryce Powers, 30, Firefighter, Orlando, Florida

Kenneth “Diggy” Moreland, 31, Senior inventory analyst, Chicago, Illinois

The Bachelorette returns Monday, June 19 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.