Peter Kraus & Rachel Lindsay Sob Over Breakup: “We’re Going to Regret This”
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The Bachelorette

Peter Kraus & Rachel Lindsay Sob Over Breakup: “We’re Going to Regret This”


Tonight’s Bachelorette 2017 finale really brought us on Rachel Lindsay’s rollercoaster of emotions.

We empathized when she sent home the sweet Eric Bigger after overnight dates, our frustration spiked when Peter Kraus couldn’t give her reassurance, and our heads hurt when she had to make her final choice between him and Bryan Abasolo.

But no moment had us feeling more intensely than when she and Peter called it quits.

Early on in the Rioja, Spain-set episode, we saw the Wisconsin hunk and Rachel discuss his hesitancy with getting engaged after just a few months.

Still, it seemed like the overnight dates allowed them to work through some of that, with the 31-year-old saying their relationship was “worth pursuing.”

He gushed, “There is something here that is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced and that is undeniable.”

Still, the Dallas gal was hoping to “fix” his outlook, even giving him a second chance to admit his feelings with a rose ticket into the finale.

However, when they arrived at that pivotal moment in their final date, the former male model still couldn’t give her what she wanted — though he did drop an L-bomb.

He gushed, “I am in love with you. That became very clear to me today.

“But these feelings are so recent. They’ve been growing to this point all throughout, but I don’t feel that I am ready to ask you to marry me tomorrow. But I don’t want to stop being with you.”


She then called him out on talking about their future together, but not being able to commit to that on a bigger level.

“I don’t want to repeat what I’ve done in every single relationship,” she explained.

“My fear is that [if] you don’t propose and I agree to just date you and be committed to you, what guarantee do I have that it’s every going to leave that stage? Because my past has shown me that it won’t.”

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He then said he didn’t want to “act on impulse,” but instead to keep building a relationship “when I feel like it is the correct time.”

With tears in her eyes, she stated, “I don’t know how many times to say it. I just want somebody who wants what I want and wants that with me.”

“We’re not breaking up,” he said through tears, as Rachel asked where they go from here.

She replied, “You don’t want to take the risk to move forwards with what I want, I don’t want to take the risk to move towards what you want.”

“Do you want to give tomorrow a chance?” he asked, spurring her to point out that nothing could really change overnight.

She shot back, “Even if it did, I wouldn’t even feel confident … I feel like if it changes in the morning, you’d be completely doing it out of fear.”

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“I’d be doing it for you … because I know that I’m going to lose you,” he reasoned. “I would do it for you to prove to you that I want to pursue this relationship.”

They then went back and forth for while, with Pete saying he’d make a “sacrifice” and propose if that’s the way he won’t lose her because she is “the correct person.”

“Then don’t, and that’s so hard for me to say. If you don’t want to, don’t do it,” she said, voice cracking.

The fierce-minded gal stated that she wanted someone that knew what they wanted.

“Great, then go find someone to have a mediocre life with.. Because I will give you an amazing life and an amazing relationship,” he stated.

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She put a pin on it, saying, “I can’t do tomorrow and you tell me you just want to be my boyfriend.”

“I think we’re both going to regret this … I know I am. If you change your mind, you know where you can find me,” he concluded.

They then kissed and cried for what felt like an hour, both saying how much they love one another.

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“I can’t say goodbye,” she wept.

He whispered, “Take a chance,” and she returned, “It’s not going to change your mind, you’re just going to feel pressure to do it.


One final kiss, and then she left.

“What is wrong with me?” he said to himself, sobbing.

That was brutal! And not really an ending?