\'Bachelorette\' Villain JJ Lane Calls Chad Johnson\
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‘Bachelorette’ Villain JJ Lane Calls Chad Johnson”An Effing D—khead”


JJ Lane knows what it's like to be a Bachelorette villain — he was portrayed as the bad guy on Kaitlyn Bristowe's season — but that's not stopping him from slamming this season's odd man out.

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"Chad, I think you’re a f — d—khead!" the reality star told Us Weekly. "You wouldn’t have survived with me and Clint in the house, I’ll tell you that much."

Despite his famous mantra "villains gotta vill," JJ believes Chad Johnson doesn't have what it takes.

"The thing with him is you threaten to come to somebody’s house, he’s f—ing sitting right in front of you. If you got something to say, tell him — or if you got something to do, do it right there. No need to wait till the show is done to hunt him down."

JJ is referring to the extended trailer for the season, where we see Chad getting violent with some of the contestants and even threatening to find Jordan Rodgers after the show.

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"I think Chad is a bit of a blowhard," Kaitlyn's former suitor said. "I honestly don’t think Clint or myself or even Chris Soules for that matter, like there’s certain guys in this world they kind of don’t put up with the bulls—t. He kind of preyed on guys that did."

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We'll have to wait and see how the season plays out, but Episode 2 did give us a glimpse into what appears to be the beginning of a season-long feud. Chad is brutally honest about how lame and fake he thinks the guys in the house are and they're not exactly warming up to his meathead tendencies either.

But it seems like the tough guy contestant is blaming all the animosity on being harassed by the other guys.

That's not stopping him from continuing to make fun of the situation on social media, though.

All we have to say is, bring on Week 3!