Bachelorette Frontrunners Face Morphs — See Nick and Shawn Combined!
Shawn Booth and Nick Viall

The Bachelorette

Bachelorette Frontrunners Face Morphs — See Nick and Shawn Combined!


The Bachelorettes always seem to have a tough time deciding between their frontrunners — there are good qualities in all of them! — so we decided to do a little contestant face morphing. Imagine a guy with Nick Viall's brooding eyes and Shawn Booth's strong jawline — we bet Kaitlyn Bristowe would have swooned over that combo!

But after seeing what some of these hotties look like combined, we think it may be best if they stick to their original looks. A guy with JP Rosenbaum's shaved head on one side and Ben Flajnik's long 'do on the other? Let's just say that strange fellow would never have made it past night one on Ashley Hebert's Season 7.


Check out the hilarious face morphs below!


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Nick Viall and Shawn Booth

Credit: Alissa Kombert For Wetpaint, ABC    

This guy has that whole Mila Kunis different-colored-eyes thing going for him. But he also kind of looks like Sloth from The Goonies. Let's just hope he has Nick's soft, romantic side and Shawn's willingness to go streaking on the golf course.

JP Rosenbaum and Ben Flajnik

Credit: Alissa Kombert For Wetpaint, ABC    

This is so Rafael Nadal meets Joseph Gordon-Levitt. We guess we could get used to that lopsided hairstyle, but only if this guy has JP's charm and Ben's taste in wine. Whether Ashley would be into it? Um, hard pass!


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Chris Siegfried and Brooks Forester

Credit: Alissa Kombert For Wetpaint, ABC    

We never realized how much Desiree Hartsock's frontrunners Chris and Brooks look alike until this creepy face morph. That whole mullet thing isn't really matching the purple button-up, but hey, anything goes in Bachelor Nation! We think this guy would at least make it to Hometowns.