Bachelorette\'s JJ Lane III Hospitalized After Gang Fight at Men Tell All
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Bachelorette’s JJ Lane III Hospitalized After Gang Fight at Men Tell All


Just when we thought Bachelorette 2015's Men Tell All couldn't be any more dramatic, JJ Lane III gets beat up outside of an after party for the cast and crew. However, we don't think it had anything to do with that Season 11 fight he got into with Clint Arlis.

According to TMZ, the Bachelorette contestant and a crew member "got jumped by a group of at least five thugs." The site explains how the two guys took shots to the face and that "JJ suffered two black eyes and his suit got shredded." Sure, JJ may have caused some tension in the house with his intense Clint bromance, but we still feel bad for the guy!

Despite his beat-up appearance, JJ apparently "fought the good fight, considering the numbers" and "believes the attackers were a gang." Luckily, someone ran into the Los Angeles, California club and grabbed Ben Zorn — the hunky Bachelorette contestant who just so happens to be a personal trainer and a former football player. Though Ben was able to break up the fight, JJ still ended up in the ER, because he was "feeling ill and friends were worried he had a concussion."


The good news is, it looks like JJ is making light of the situation on Twitter. Along with the photo above of his black eyes, JJ tweeted at contestant Jonathan Holloway, saying, "@JRHolloway17 bruh! It's always an adventure hanging with you buddy."

Jonathan joked in his response:

We hope JJ and whoever else was involved recover quickly from the fight!