Is Bachelorette’s Jordan Rodgers Feuding With Famous Bro Aaron?
Jordan Rodgers and Aaron Rodgers
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Is Bachelorette’s Jordan Rodgers Feuding With Famous Bro Aaron?


“The best thing about Jordan is his brother. The worst thing about Jordan is he’s not his brother.”

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That’s what Bachelorette 2016 “villain” Chad Johnson (not-so-nicely) had to say last night about JoJo Fletcher’s front runner Jordan Rodgers, referring to his NFL MVP bro Aaron Rodgers.

And while we don’t fully agree with Chad’s sentiments about his co-star, it’s clear the 27-year-old hunk has no problems being associated with his more famous older sibling, referring to him multiple times on the show in the first two episodes.

Off the show, however, the relationship between the Season 12 contestant’s family and Aaron seems a bit more complicated. In fact, a deep dive into the rumor mill and their social media activity seems pretty telling, and indicative of a possible feud.

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It wasn’t always that way, as you can see in this 2011 off-season training video of Jordan and Aaron looking thick as thieves.

But their relationship appears to have since taken a hit, and we have a few theories why. Read on for five signs of a Rodgers family rift, and let’s just say, we’d be surprised if the whole brood showed up on Jordan’s (possible) Hometown Date.

Jordan’s Ex’s Instagram Slam

By now, you probably heard about the former footballer’s ex Brittany Farrar taking to Instagram after last week’s Bachelorette premiere to call him out for being a cheater.

Though that was never officially confirmed, the real telling sign was when Aaron’s girlfriend Olivia Munn, a pal of Brittany’s, liked the post and seemingly co-signed her opinions of Jordan.

Olivia Munn and Brittany Farrar
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Sure, the X-Men: Apocalypse star’s opinions don’t have to be the same as her beau’s, but it’s not a great sign.

Olivia’s Relationship With His Family

While Olivia doesn’t appear to think so highly of her potential future brother-in-law, Jordan had only great things to say about her in a February 2016 interview with NESN.

On the other hand, sports gossip blog Terez Owens says the relationship between the actress and her boyfriend’s parents has been strained since she openly discussed her sex life with the athlete on Watch What Happens Live in 2014.

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That seems a little dramatic and unlikely to us, but you never know!

They’ve Scrubbed Each Other From Social Media

The most obvious evidence of this feud is the clear lack of any photos of Aaron on either Jordan or older brother Luke Rodgers’s Instagram — while both constantly share snaps of one another and their parents.

Christmas morning calls for onesies, Merry Christmas ya filthy animals!

A photo posted by Jordan Rodgers (@jrodgers11) on

Not only that, but gossip sites have noted Aaron no longer follows his brothers on Twitter — though Jordan does follow his big brother. Hmmm...

Luke’s Alleged Shade at Aaron

Another report from Terez Owens traces the drama back to May 2015, when Aaron dropped out last minute as a groomsman and skipped the wedding of a Rodgers family friend.

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The rest of his family did attend, and Luke posted a collage of wedding pics with a caption that gave away his feelings on the matter, including “#truefriendsshowup,” “#wouldntmissitfortheworld,” and “#rememberwhereyoucamefrom.”

Jordan Takes Surprising Side in Aaron’s Russell Wilson Feud

When the Seattle Seahawks beat the Green Bay Packers in the 2015 Super Bowl, the team’s QBs  Russell Wilson and Aaron, respectively, got into a tiff over God and football. More specifically, Russell credited God for his victory, and Aaron sniped that he didn’t think “God cares a whole lot about the outcome.”

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Months later, Russell was asked about it and said “remain humble in your victories and losses,” which prompted Jordan to retweet the story and add, “My parents taught us this as well, way to take the high road @DangeRussWilson.”

Jordan Rodgers and Aaron Rodgers

Many saw this as the aspiring broadcaster choosing Russell’s side over his brother’s, though he later side he was just applauding the athlete for taking the high road.

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