Anonymous Emails Reveal Details About Jordan Rodgers\' Alleged Cheating
Jordan Rodgers accused of cheating
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The Bachelorette

Anonymous Emails Reveal Details About Jordan Rodgers’ Alleged Cheating


There were already rumors swirling about Bachelorette contestant Jordan Rogers being a former cheater, but now there's even more evidence to back up the claims.

Reality Steve received several emails from people connected to Jordan, one who claims to be an ex-flame and the other a friend of an ex-girlfriend. Of course we have to take these messages with a grain of salt, but it does make us want to keep a closer eye on the football player for the remainder of the season.

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In the first email from May 23, Jordan's ex writes to Steve, "I can confirm 100 percent what you’re saying is the truth about Jordan being a "skirt chaser," "player" etc. I met Jordan off a dating website, Raya, over November and we completely hit it off (as much as you can via text and FaceTime) he seemed SO fame hungry!"

She went on, "When I wasn’t being as responsive and saying I didn’t really feel right coming to visit him in Nashville (little weird, no?) He would send me these long text messages about how he’s never felt this way about a girl before."

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"When I heard he was on [The Bachelorette] I texted him and one of his responses was 'I’ll never know what happened to us and why we could never work out' and that was it," she explained.

I'd say night one is headed in the right direction... #bachelorette #firstkiss

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That definitely sounds a little weird, but considering the two had never met in person, that doesn't really make Jordan a cheater.

As for the next email, that's a bit more suspicious.

This one is from a friend of Jordan's ex. The anonymous emailer writes, "My friend dated Jordan on and off for almost 2 years. They met while she was filming Pitch Perfect 2. I have lots of info that just show how much of a dog he is if you are interested."

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And when Steve replied, mentioning how Jordan apparently cheated on then-girlfriend Brittany Farrar while filming Pitch Perfect 2, the emailer sounded surprised.

"Whaaaa?! I know for a fact he told her that he had just broken up with Brittany 2 weeks before he got to Baton Rogue[sic]  to film... I immediately text [my friend] with a 'but does he has [sic] a gf?…' and she told me they had broken up a couple weeks back," she wrote, adding, "So, long story short, if Jordan was indeed still with Brittany, he definitely did not tell [my friend] that, and she 100 percent is not the girl to get involved with a guy if he is being unfaithful."

What are we laughing at? You're in for a crazy episode tonight, personalities galore!

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We'll have to see how Jordan and JoJo Fletcher's relationship plays out each week before we rule him out as a good guy.

The Bachelorette airs on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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